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Waikiki Scuba

Waikiki Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Waikiki Scuba
Waikiki Scuba

Aloha to all scuba diving and sports fans around the world!
We at Rainbow Scuba Company Hawaii have a few crew members out with the flu that’s been pummeling lesser diving instructors, but not ours! I’ve managed to stay flu free this season so far. Ken has roughed it out by showing up ready to work even though he’s keeping his distance from our wonderful guests!
We’ve been pretty lucky with the weather playing tricks on all the ocean goers this past week. We’ve also managed to show our Waikiki Scuba customers a great underwater show regardless of where the competition has been headed! I guess this is where the decades of experience and knowledge comes in handy. Rainbow Scuba has always been offering a great time for year round scuba enjoyment so, it’s no wonder why it almost sells itself!
Today was another glorious day out there. We were joined by a great couple from Melbourne, Australia.
Daniel and Marija are both certified open water divers with a couple dozen dives each under there weight belts so I was really hoping to break into their top 3 scuba dives of their early career.
What better way than to introduce them to the deep shipwrecks and shallow reefs of Waikiki?
Our first Waikiki Scuba diving site was my favorite shipwreck, The Sea a Tiger!
Dropping down the line during our steady descent we passed through the usual suspects of tropical fish bundles. Swarming around us as we parted them the Moorish Idols and silver darting Akule gave us the tunnel toward the bow deck of the steel maiden sunken at 100 feet below.
Once we touched down on The Sea Tiger I knew with the 80 feet of visibility and the wreck to ourselves, void of other divers, that the next 19 minutes were going to be a couples diving delight!
Posing with sea turtles to start!and taking pictures of Daniel and Marija in action as they glided in and out of the swim throughs gazing at the brilliant yellow schools of Taape made my job easy. I soon realized 10 minutes in that I just broke into their top 2 dive adventures!
Earlier on shore Marija explained to me that she really wanted to see the famous Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and I knew it was mission accomplished!
We traipsed along for the allotted 18- 20 minutes and got to our safety stop to view some of the unedited photos I took right through me camera screen. The smiles with bright eyes solidified Rainbow Scuba as a their return dive destination!
It’s wasn’t over yet! You wanted turtles?
Well, Marija and Dan you’re getting them. Along with the 3 White a Tipped Reef Sharks to the east of where were moored up at Horseshoe Reef we ran into another 4 Green Sea Turtles, more fish of all types and shining colors. Of course the famous Octopus encounter to round of the 45 minute shallow reef dive at Horseshoe Reef in the pristine 100 foot visibility at 35-45 feet down is a cherry that tops the proverbial ice cream sundae of scuba diving. Mir ensures that it is a quality, safe and fun day of Waikiki Scuba diving with the staff and crew of Rainbow!
On one of the clearest days I’ve ever seen having come to an end we pulled back into Kewalo Basin Harbor. I couldn’t get enough thank you’s! The excitement was electric. It got even better when we informed our guest scuba divers, again that all 90 to 100 underwater photos were Free of charge and would be posted to our Facebook page that evening or the next for their viewing, sharing and bragging for a lifetime to come!
I’m sure we’ll see these two again!
Until then I’ve gotta sign off! Another busy day tomorrow!
Mahalo again to you all!
Jeff and Ken!

Author: Jeff

PADI scuba diving instructor in Honolulu, Hawaii. Diving with Rainbow Scuba since 2008

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