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Waikiki Scuba

Waikiki Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Waikiki Scuba
Waikiki Scuba

Aloha and We’re back for more!
It’s time to update you all with another bloggers post from Rainbow Scuba Company Hawaii.
Just getting a breath in from this morning’s Monday Discover Waikiki Scuba Diving early charter on Martin Luther King Day. I must say the holiday with all of its pomp and circumstance has left Waikiki in a torrid gridlock of traffic and pedestrian mayhem. We at Rainbow Scuba have the answer to the hustle and bustle. Come aboard The Scuba Cat and leave the land behind for a few hours!
The guests we had on the 9:30am scuba diving charter had an unbelievable time in the epic conditions above and below the surface. So, I was more than happy to extend this day for another 2 or 3 Deep Shipwreck and Discover Scuba Dives!
Having 2 knowledgable instructors on staff is a great way to accommodate the sometimes mixed or modified groups of skill leveled scuba divers. Many people who are certified scuba divers always travel to Honolulu with first time scuba divers. Many times this means that none of them dive. Not today! Wanting to brave the deep shipwreck dives while your other half can’t makes for a scheduling nightmare in most cases. At Rainbow Scuba Hawaii we have the flexible and creative scheduling ability with our private boat tours that make a mixed dive charter possible.
Joining us this holiday afternoon were 4 wonderful guests who wanted to do all kinds of Waikiki Scuba diving! Bay Area Certified open water scuba diver Ben along with first time diver Shirley met up with certified and seasoned scuba diver Sherry from Oklahoma. Rounding off our group of four was first time discover scuba diver Margeritte.
Everyone arrived at Kewalo Basin Harbor for an afternoon of scuba diving fun!
After setting up and acquainting everyone with their gear and the crew, we were soon untied from the dock. Heading toward the open sea the anticipation grew as we closed in on our first scuba dive destination The deep shipwreck, Sea Tiger!
Aboard we had two customers that were certified and two who were not. Now this might present a problem for most scuba diving companies, but not Rainbow Scuba! Two capable, experienced instructors and a private boat solves most dilemmas of such. The certified divers aren’t chained to doing just shallow dives and the Discover Scuba Divers, or first timers aren’t left to do just 1 shallow dive.
Follow along and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
As we tied up to the Sea Tiger 100 feet below the dive boat I waited for Ben and Sherry to stride into the clear 100 feet plus of visibility! After signaling, okay, we descended smoothly along the line down toward the massive steel shipwreck below. We passed the parting thousands of Moorish Idols and Mamo that schooled above the Sea Tiger. As the fish welcomed us so did the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and Moray Eels that laze around the different decks of the shipwreck. The 20 minutes at 100 feet was a cornucopia of mixed marine life including Baby Spotted Eagle Ray and a 6 foot White Tipped Reef Shark shadowing the sandy bottom 122 feet below the surface. We ascended to our 3 minute safety stop and breached the surface to climb back aboard the Scuba Cat. We got settled and relaxed while Ken was rounding up his detailed safety briefing for Shirley and Margeritte. In a few short minutes they were about to take the plunge on their first of two shallow Discover Waikiki Scuba dives. While Ben, Sherry and I off gassed and had cold beverages, Captain Brian sailed us to the shallows of Nautilus Reef.
Now I can’t tell you to much about what happened on this dive as I was taking a necessary surface interval on the boat. I will say after my thousands of dives something tells me that after the two ladies overcame their apprehensions. They both descended with Ken alongside to guide them toward the roving baby sharks.
35 minutes later the two first timers popped up on the surface next to the Cat and climbed back aboard. We all got settled in and everyone gathered themselves for the final triumph and second scuba dive for the group. The Captain got us underway just a stones throw over to Horseshoe Reef!
The lot of us took our strides into the still phenomenally clear water and made our descent to the sandy bottom just 36 feet below.
A tight group picture and we were off toward the ridge where turtles and sharks intermingle as if they are expecting scuba divers to come along at any moment!
The two buddy teams of Ben and Shirley with Sherry and Margeritte followed me along for 35 minutes of fish feeding, turtle posing and shark viewing!
I took dozens of free underwater Waikiki Scuba photographs that are all posted up on our Facebook page for your viewing and bragging pleasure!
A big Rainbow Scuba Hawaii Mahalo goes out to everyone who joined us this morning and this afternoon on an absolutely perfect Monday in Honolulu!
Until next time, Aloha!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian

Author: Jeff

PADI scuba diving instructor in Honolulu, Hawaii. Diving with Rainbow Scuba since 2008

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