Waikiki Scuba 1-09-2015 1:30 pm

Waikiki Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Waikiki Scuba
Waikiki Scuba

Aloha and welcome back to our Rainbow Scuba Daily Blog!
Nothing is better than great weather and good visibility for first time Waikiki Scuba divers on a Discover Scuba Dive afternoon. Well, maybe nothing except for a family of scuba divers on a great afternoon private charter!
Today was just such a case. Truth be told not everyone was a first time diver. Margie is a certified open water diver, her two daughters, Emily and Nicole both dived last week with us. Jerel, the youngest of the family was technically the only true first timer!
With all that kind of confidence surrounding him it was one of those failsafe situations!
As we anticipated our guests all arrived on time and eager to get underway.
After a detailed safety briefing and skill review with practices, we undocked from Kewalo Basin Harbor. The captain took us out and made way for Horseshoe Reef for the first of two scuba dives.
The ocean off of famous Waikiki Beach this afternoon was as good as it gets! 100 foot visibility at 38 feet makes the 35 minute introductory adventure more than satisfying.
Descending on the line through schools of tropical fish and touching down on the sandy bottom gave us the first opportunity for an underwater group picture. Off to see the White Tipped Reef Sharks we went!
As expected the reef guardians were there waiting like celebrities for the paparazzi to come by with cameras at the ready. Just around the corner we were lucky enough to pose with some pretty big Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and back to the Scuba Cat we headed. Not bad for a first dive judging by the excited chatter and raves back aboard the dive boat.
We weren’t done yet! Pulling up the line Ken informed me to keep my gear on and be ready as Captain Mark had us heading just a little bit east for our second scuba dive.
Nautilus Reef is a curious place to Waikiki Scuba dive. It suits any skill level of divers and never seems to disappoint with all the sea life in such a compact and shallow venue.
We like it because it’s a sure fire way to get on the scoreboard with the ever popular and crowd pleasing octopus encounter! Score we did with the sharks, eels, octopus and even a giant helmet shell that made our underwater photo album complete. It didn’t hurt that the water was still holding at about 100 feet of crystal clear visibility for the 40 minutes at 35 feet!
I think by the generous gratuity, stellar compliments and smiling faces that we succeeded,yet again, to please our return and new customers!
Please enjoy the free underwater photos that we post on Facebook with our compliments!
Aloha and Mahalo to All,
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark