Hawaii scuba diving 08-28-2016

scuba dive in Oahu Hawaii

Present day scuba dive in Oahu excursion condition was incredible . The sea temp was around seventy eight degrees , as well as area high temps nearly 84 fahrenheight Fahrenheit . A great characteristic of Honolulu is that it that the Hawaii scuba diving visual appeal was about thirty-five to 70 foot . Exactly what could possibly be superior to scuba dive in Hawaii ?

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Scuba diver in Hawaii comes across as fun and also remarkable but is scuba dive risky ? Simply no , far from it , these are easy diving designed for leisure scuba diving here in Honolulu , Hawaii . There are lots of Hawaii shipwrecks for adventure off the southern coast of Honolulu , Hawaii . Our PADI Instructors have been scuba diving in Hawaii every single day more than 18 yrs ! Regional understanding of the Hawaiian diver sites is really important if you wish to encounter sea life . Our knowledgeable instructors have a 100% Safety rating , ensuring a secure , pleasurable undersea excursion in Hawaii .

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Hawaii Scuba Diving 08-20-2016

Honolulu Scuba diving adventures

Todays Hawaii scuba diving trip condition was excellent .
The sea temperature was around 78 degrees , and surface temperature in the region of 84 degrees Fahrenheit .
A great characteristic of Honolulu is that it that the Hawaii scuba dive visibility was roughly fifty-five to 70 feet .
Just what is going to be preferable to scuba diver in Hawaii ?
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Scuba diver in Hawaii appears pleasurable and awesome however is scuba dive threatening ?
Simply no , far from it , they are easy dives intended for recreational scuba diver here in Honolulu , Hawaii .
There are various Hawaii shipwrecks for journeying off the southern seaside of Honolulu , Hawaii . Our PADI Instructors were scuba diving in Hawaii seven days a week for more than 18 yrs ! Local familiarity with the Hawaiian diver locations is crucial if you desire to encounter sea life . Our experienced instructors have a 100% Safety history , providing a secure , fun underwater escapade in Hawaii .
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Waikiki Scuba 12-28-2014 1:30 pm

Waikiki Scuba with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Waikiki Scuba
Waikiki Scuba

Aloha to all our loyal followers and scuba newbies alike!
Talking about a busy holiday dive season for Rainbow Scuba, it’s been a great week.
As you might know we’re a small private boat dive company with a tight, professional staff that have been crewing together for over a decade here in Honolulu. We strive for what all the large cattle car companies and small upstart inexperienced operations can’t provide. That would be affordable scuba diving with special attention to your safety, fun and friendly customer service on a private dive boat.
Most beginners and seasoned divers are looking for exactly what we provide because we have so many appealing perks that nobody else can offer. Our 100% safety rating and thousands of satisfied customers tell the tale!
Our flexible no hassle schedule makes all your needs easy. From booking your reservation to viewing your free photos for years to come you’ll have a quality scuba experience no matter what you skill level is.
Today was no exception to this.
Joining us from all over the world were 6 wonderful guests who had open water certifications, people who have only snorkeled and customers who had never swam in the ocean ever!
It’s all good because Ken and I have been diving and teaching for decades, over 70 years of experience between the two of us combined!
Scott from Seattle, Andy, Max, Ricky from Canada along with Z and Andres from right here in Hawaii all made their way to sunny Kewalo Basin Harbor for a Discover Scuba Dive and refresher tune up scuba dive in shallow waters.
We all did the initial meet and greet to become acquainted before the briefing began aboard our boat The Scuba Cat.
Gear familiarization, safety briefings and skills practice with a no pressure attitude were conducted as we have done thousands of times before just to put everyone in a confident and enthusiastic mood to hit the water!
Before too long we were making way to Turtle Canyon Reef to do the first of two shallow reef dives.
The water on the 35 foot 35 minute dive was crystal clear. Visibility surpassing 90 feet on this southerly wind day. Everyone took the plunge in order. Instructors to moor up the boat, Certified divers who wanted to get back into it after years of not diving and first time divers last.
Skills practice and repetition with calming confidence building encouragement was conducted the way it should be.
Diving and having dozens of complimentary pictures of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles with everyone amongst them is on of our specialties!
Before we knew it 35 to 40 minutes had passed, everyone was comfortable and nobody wanted to leave!
Fortunately we had one more dive on this undersea adventure so the excitement on the boat ride to the second dive site was rampant!
Within minutes I had us tied up to the famous Horseshoe Reef to guide all to see the sharks. Our 40 minutes at 40 feet was the best part of everyone’s vacation!
The White Tipped Reef Sharks were happy to pose for pictures and the certified divers who took advantage of our camera rental got a double dose of souvenirs on top of the free pictures we take. Scores of eels in 5 varieties and sizes, colorful schools of tropical fish and exotic blends of other sea life were pointed out and a fantastic time was had by everyone for sure!
Our scuba diving day may have just ended for our guests, but Rainbow Scuba had one more night dive charter to go after the sunset.
Nevertheless we parted ways with our afternoon divers with smiles handshakes and memories to last a lifetime!
Mahalo to each and everyone of our new friends for choosing Rainbow Scuba! I know there were no disappointed customers, as per usual.
See you all tonight!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian