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Hawaii Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Hawaii Scuba
Hawaii Scuba

Aloha to all our faithful Rainbow Scuba Hawaii followers!
It’s been a great few weeks of happy divers from all over the world who’ve chosen to scuba dive with us. We’ve had visitors from China, Canada, Spain, India & of course the U.S.A.
I always enjoy people from exotic countries, but I save a special place in my heart for guests who are visiting from the mid west. I’m especially excited to guide customers from the great state of Ohio! It’s even more of a thrill when they hail from Columbus, home to my alma mater, The Ohio State Buckeyes!
Along for a Night Dive adventure this Honolulu winter evening was a young lady named Kirsten who chose to brave the excitement of night diving The Sea Tiger. Along with her mother Melissa, who rode along to see our operation we geared up from Kewalo Basin Harbor aboard our private dive boat The Scuba Cat just before sunset.
Acquainted with the excellently maintained dive gear, given the safety briefing we undocked and headed out to sea.
The leisure paced trip to the shipwreck dive site was enhanced by the beauty of the Waikiki hotel beachfront lights.
As we hovered over the site I splashed in to secure us to the bow mooring. While Ken suited up Kirsten and buddy checked her gear I took a peak into the blackness below. I was excited about the 100 foot drop to the famous sunken freighter below thinking about what we might see. Kirsten took the giant stride into the moonlit Pacific Ocean and we were soon descending down the line to the deck of the steel hulk. With only our dive lights to illuminate our way the exploration yielded awesome nocturnal marine life from the get go!
We passed through a wandering school of Moorish Idols on the line at 50 feet and were soon kneeling on the deck taking pictures and video of an octopus that I wrangled from a pipe right on the bow! After watching the octopus slip back into his hiding place for the evening we traversed the deck and into the cargo hold to observe 2 Giant Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles that were fast asleep within the safety of the wreck. The vibrant colors and eyes aglow of the teaming fish and slithering Moray Eels took us toward the stern of The Sea Tiger where we decided to drop down to the sea floor.
Upon touchdown on the sea floor 115 feet below the surface we spotted a humongous octopus that sprouted its spines and changed its colors in an effort to frighten us away. We took out pictures and video, then, began our accent back to the upper deck.
Approaching the 18 minute mark we began to rise to our safety stop depth. Minutes later we breached the surface to the bright deck lights of the The Scuba Cat feeling exhilarated and satisfied from another great night dive!
Kirsten and her Mom were very happy with the way we conducted the dive at night so much they made sure to bring the rest of the family back the next day to all dive the afternoon charter!
Mahalo to the Buckeye Clan for choosing wisely on Rainbow Scuba and I’ll tell you all about their following days adventure later!
Aloha again!
Jeff and Ken!

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Hawaii scuba diving tour in Honolulu, Hawaii

Some excellent scuba dives in Honolulu, the Sea tiger shipwreck and Horseshoe reef. Was excellent conditions and beautiful sky today! These are my favorite dive sites in Hawaii for scuba diving. Checkout all the pictures on our facebook page.

hawaii scuba diving