Hawaii Scuba Diving 08-20-2016

Honolulu Scuba diving adventures

Todays Hawaii scuba diving trip condition was excellent .
The sea temperature was around 78 degrees , and surface temperature in the region of 84 degrees Fahrenheit .
A great characteristic of Honolulu is that it that the Hawaii scuba dive visibility was roughly fifty-five to 70 feet .
Just what is going to be preferable to scuba diver in Hawaii ?
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Scuba diver in Hawaii appears pleasurable and awesome however is scuba dive threatening ?
Simply no , far from it , they are easy dives intended for recreational scuba diver here in Honolulu , Hawaii .
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Hawaii Scuba Diving 08-16-2016

Hawaii scuba diving exploration

Todays Hawaii scuba dive excursion circumstances was terrific. The sea temperature was around 78 fahrenheight, and area temperature about 84 degrees Fahrenheit. An additional feature of Honolulu is it that the Hawaii scuba dive range of vision was roughly 50 to 70 feet. Exactly what can be better than scuba dive in Hawaii? Look at our diver rates and really enjoy the comfortable clear water of Honolulu. You could speculate if our Honolulu scuba business visits the greatest Hawaii scuba diving sites? Our diving store in Honolulu guarantees the highest quality certification class and also training here in Honolulu. We perform off our Hawaii ship to ensure you the least expensive Hawaii scuba dive pricing on the island of Oahu. Scuba dive in Hawaii appears pleasurable as well as exciting however is scuba diver hazardous? No, far from it, they are really easy diving designed for social scuba dive here in Honolulu, Hawaii. There are various Hawaii shipwrecks for journeying off the south shore of Honolulu, Hawaii. Our PADI Trainers were scuba dive in Hawaii seven days a week for more than 18 years! Area familiarity with the Hawaiian dive locations is really important if you wish to find aquatic life. Our knowledgeable teachers possess a 100% Safety record, providing a risk-free, memorable underwater escapade in Hawaii.
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Hawaii Scuba 1-08-2014 9:30 am

Hawaii Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Hawaii Scuba
Hawaii Scuba

Aloha and good morning!
Jeff here from Rainbow Scuba! Bright and early to tell you Hawaii Scuba blog followers about the fantastic mid-morning shallow reef charters that we did today!
It’s Rainbow Scuba so don’t worry about waking up at 5 or 6 in the morning to rush to the dock at Kewalo Basin Harbor! We’ve implemented a flexible more casual schedule that is a lot more user friendly and easier on your vacation time!
Accompanying us this morning were a couple of wonderfully excited women from Switzerland Michelle and her travel companion Monica, who was celebrating her birthday! So we certainly didn’t want to disappoint!
Joining along also from blustery Chicago, Illinois was Eric Montgomery. Eric is a PADI certified open water diver who had not been diving for over two years and was looking to get back in the swing by doing two shallow reef dives. I have a feeling He’ll be back this week for the deep shipwreck dives!
Having everyone briefed and aquatinted with each other and their gear we singled up our lines and headed to Horseshoe Reef for our first of the two shallow scuba dives of the morning.
As it was yesterday, the conditions were perfect! I could see clearly from aboard the speedy Scuba Cat that the visibility was an easy 100 feet. This got my heart pumping as I jumped in without even a mask to hook us to the inside mooring of the dive site.
When everyone did their practice skills and descended smoothly down to the inner cup of the horseshoe. I snapped a group picture and away we went to dive and photograph some sharks and turtles!
Eric was using a GoPro for his video and I, of course had my trusty Sony for the Free Underwater Photos that are included with every scuba dive experience with Rainbow!
38 minutes later we were rehydrating and comparing stories about the phenomenal visibility while the captain motored us over to Nautilus Reef for the second Hawaii Scuba dive of the morning!
With everyone eager to see the sea life Ken naturally put on the pressure as he promised I’d find them an octopus for the famous encounter that has people raving and coming back year after year!
I stepped up to the plate and knocked one out of the park! White Tipped Reef Sharks, dozens, no, thousands of colorful schools of fish surrounded us throughout our jaunt across the underwater valley that is Nautilus Reef!
The pristine 120 foot plus visibility that only rolls around maybe 50 out of the 365 day dive year were taken advantage of!
The octopus encounter being the highlight of the trip speaks for itself!
Check out the free underwater photos I took that we post to Facebook!
Mahalo to Eric, Michelle and Happy Birthday Monica for a great day of Hawaii Scuba diving with us!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark

Hawaii Scuba 1-6-2015 1:30 pm

Hawaii Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Hawaii Scuba
Hawaii Scuba

Aloha and Konichiwa from a sunny afternoon in beautiful Hawaii!
Today’s scuba tour with Rainbow Scuba had a Japanese flair to it.
This was made so do to our wonderful guests from Tokyo!
Masa Fujiwara with his great son and daughter Kota and Miho, along with Open Water student Mary met up at Kewalo Basin Harbor for an afternoon of Hawaii Scuba diving fun and certification!
You might be saying how does that work? Let me tell you!
At Rainbow Scuba Hawaii we have a very flexible schedule and hard working instructors who can provide a dive charter that fits your needs. Regardless of your skill level we can group together different divers onto one charter, two or even offer you a private exclusive experience that you’ll never forget!
Our interactive website, online booking and private dive boat are just a few ancillary reasons for the accommodating reservations process.
Anyway back to the scuba action on this winter dive of this New Years first week.
Masa was already a certified open water diver, but his son Kota and daughter Miho had never tried it before. Now we usually accept English speaking customers only, but my scant mastery of the Japanese language coupled with Masa-san’s excellent understand of English made this an easy day. Even Mary, who had just done the Discover Scuba dive the day before spoke Japanese so there was a great camaraderie and communication as we all dived together at Horseshoe Reef.
It was a short boat trip to the Hawaii Scuba dive site that offers five different dive plans to suit your needs!
We all took the plunge into the tepid 74 degree ocean ready to get a picture and head east to see some sharks.
During the 40 foot dive for 35 minutes we saw the small pair of White Tipped Reef Sharks that sat still for our viewing and picture taking pleasure.
Surrounded by schools of colorful tropical fish and other marine life we meandered along at a leisurely pace. All the things we saw were new and exciting for Masa and Kota as it was their first dive in our island paradise.
Great 65 foot visibility on the second dive toward the turtle cove while Ken took Mary the opposite direction for her certification was even better. During the 45 minutes I got great Hawaii Scuba pictures of the Fujiwara family diving with turtles, sharks, eels and even an octopus encounter to end the fantastic afternoon!
Mary will be out to finish her open water certification tomorrow, while Masa and family head back to Tokyo this afternoon!
Remember NO Flying for 19 hours after diving!
Enjoy the underwater photos on Facebook which are Always Free and Always Good with Rainbow Scuba!
Mahalo & Aloha to all who joined us!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark!

Honolulu Scuba 1-5-2015 1:30 pm

Honolulu Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Honolulu Scuba
Honolulu Scuba

Aloha to all the divers following us from around the world!
The new year has brought in a fast and early rainstorm, but just as quickly vanquished it from our winter island paradise.
After bidding farewell to our 6 morning scuba divers we at Rainbow Scuba reloaded the Scuba Cat, switched captains and welcomed our group of 5 afternoon Discover Scuba Divers!
The eager faces of the excited guests energized us for an afternoon of great Honolulu Scuba adventure.
Greetings, introductions and salutations were exchanged as we suited everyone up for the pre-dive briefing.
Mary, Alisa and Larry joined Gui and Mike aboard our fast dive boat for a slow and relaxed scuba charter.
Having a whole day of first time Discover Scuba divers gives Ken and myself an ever enjoyable feeling for the job we keep coming back to year after year! Of course I love taking experienced certified divers 100 feet below to the deep shipwreck dives, but there’s a certain fulfillment in introducing scuba diving to the lives of first timers.
We were headed west out of Kewalo Basin Harbor for the 20 minute boat ride on this sunny day to challenge the customers and marine life at Turtle Canyon Reef!
Along the way we continued our safety briefing and soon I was splashing in to hook us up to the mooring that would be our home for the next hour.
Taking their first giant strides of their lives, one after another our guests found out right away that this was all it was advertised to be.
Descending to the sandy bottom below at 30 feet I could see turtles way off in the distance. Before they knew it everyone was posing for pictures with our marine friends. Just figuring out how to kick and breathe underwater is usually what the first dive of two is all about. With this group it was all natural and no time was wasted. The 30 minutes of introductory diving and exploring passed all too quickly and our guests were raving about getting to the next dive site for more fun!
Captain Brian pointed the Cat west and soon had us hovering above Nautilus Reef.
With newly changed full tanks the divers took the plunge into what would be the highlight of their vacation in Honolulu!
Nautilus Reef is a popular dive site for locals and tourist alike and veritably accessible by dive boat alone. As Honolulu Scuba divers it becomes an underwater museum of adventure.
The smooth and slow descent to the outside rides of the reef brought us up close to a large school of silvery and flashy Akule and Mamo that parted for the intrepid group of Rainbow Scubas finest!
As per usual we headed over to the shark viewing territory on the eastern ridge of the site for pictures and wide eyes full of amazement. Popping off pictures that would soon be free souvenirs for the bunch was just the start to a full fledged marine science dive of discovery. I’ve been doing this for decades now, and it never gets old. Watching people blowing bubbles while I take pictures of their giddy faces makes the long day on the sea a dream job!
We zig zagged the valley at 40 feet for 40 minutes while coming across eels, tropical fish and even a humongous helmet conch shell that was crusty and camouflaged on the outside, smooth with gleam on the inside. Colorful Nudibranchs and some really big moray eels were easy to view in the 70 feet of visibility.
We ended up at the line for ascent with the ever popular and crowd pleasing octopus encounter!
The free pictures are proof alone that Rainbow Scuba delivers the goods!
Mahalo to all 11 of our morning and afternoon guests for choosing us as your Honolulu scuba company!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian