Hawaii Scuba 12-27-2014 6:30pm

Hawaii scuba with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Hawaii scuba
Hawaii scuba

Aloha and good evening night scuba diving fans!
If you’re a certified scuba diver and you’ve yet to experience a night dive, you really need to call us at Rainbow Scuba Hawaii.
Taking the plunge after the sun goes down is a whole new experience. Especially if it’s 100 feet down to a giant shipwreck! Everything that’s there in the sunlight is there at night, but with the artificial LED dive lights we provide, everything glows and the world becomes more like outer space!
After diving with us earlier this afternoon with along with their wonderful mother Bonnie, Mike and Jim decided to brave the darkness a mile out to sea for a nocturnal scuba adventure!
Trying to get the most out of their stay in Honolulu the two brothers joined us on The Scuba Cat as we made way to The Sea Tiger and their third dive of the day and night!
Having seen the hulking shipwreck in the day they were able to appreciate its grandeur on a night time macro diving experience. Sea creatures with eyes aglow, vibrant colors of the fish in their circles of light and the graceful octopus are truly a sight to see!
Giant sleeping Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles tucked into the safety of the cargo holds below deck seem serene and ominous at the same time.
Surprisingly the slower paced descent to the bottom of the sea floor was easier on the air consumption as the two brothers dived like pros.
We stumbled upon odd sea cucumbers and Spanish Dancers that did their traditional ballet in the cold dark depths. The 20 minutes wasn’t long enough for them by the way they ranted after surfacing and comparing pictures that we took.
So take it from me, I’d like nothing better than to guide all of you through the swim throughs and over the decks of our premiere shipwrecks, day or night!
Please check out our website for easy booking soon for your next scuba diving itch!
Aloha to Everyone on this Holiday Week which was made for diving in these warm tropical waters off the south shore of Oahu.
Mahalo to Mike and Jim for allowing me to share our underwater paradise. Come back soon for more fun in and out of the sun with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii!
Jeff & Ken