Hawaii scuba 01-15-2015 930 am

Hawaii scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Hawaii scuba
Hawaii scuba

Who want to go Hawaii scuba diving? I know I want to… joining me today was Carlos and Valeria for a private beginner scuba diving tour here in Honolulu, Hawaii. Although the sun wasn’t as bright an shinny as normal and the waves were a little choppy we braved the Hawaiian waters and gave it a try. After sitting down with our two perspective Hawaii scuba divers and briefing them of the experience we headed out to sea.

Our first Hawaii scuba dive site was over at Horseshoe reef. A great dive location most days for seeing Hawaii green sea turtles, white tip reef sharks and lots of octopus. After overcoming an equalization issue Carlos and I dove around some huge schools of reef fish. Overall it was a good experience for our first time scuba divers while exploring the high sea of Honolulu, Hawaii. Checkout all the free underwater scuba diving pictures taken on the tour on our facebook page. Scuba diving is a safe and fun sport for all ages with few skills to master. Come out and scuba dive Hawaii on your next vacation to Honolulu!

Hawaii Scuba 01-14-2015 9:30 pm

Hawaii Scuba with Rainbow Scuba Diving

Hawaii Scuba
Hawaii Scuba

Aloha and welcome to the Rainbow Scuba daily blog!
Here is where we give you a play by play account of what we do everyday while out on our Private boat The Scuba Cat.
Today’s scuba diving tour was a great mix of guests. Having a flexible schedule and creative packages we can suit any and all of your Hawaii Scuba diving skill levels! Whether you’re experienced, newly certified or a first time Discover Scuba diver, Rainbow has the charter for you!
Joining us on this south wind morning were just such a group.
Jameson and Kelly, John, Kevin and David our first timer met up with the staff of our company at Kewalo Basin Harbor for a modified 3 site scuba charter!
The certified divers had a deep shipwreck dive in mind and the Discover Scuba dives, of course, includes 2 shallow reef dives!
After gearing up and briefing for the extended day to come, we undocked and Captain Brian had us heading out to sea for our deep shipwreck dive site The Sea Tiger!
The lack of strong Tradewinds over the state of Hawaii brought us glassy water conditions for the smooth ride a mile out to sea.
As I splashed in to hook us up to the stern mooring of the steel beast that lay 115 feet below me, I couldn’t quite see the whole wreck, but I knew she was there waiting for us to explore her all to ourselves. No other Hawaii Scuba dive boats were there, so it would be a great dive.
One by one the customers took their giant strides to what would be a 20 minute adventure of a lifetime. The steady progression down the line took us past colorful schools of curious fish that parted as to welcome us to their home. Once touching down on her deck we snapped a group picture and were off to see what we could find this morning. More and more the heavily dense schools of Taape, Moorish Idols and Silver Akule darted around making for great photos.
We came upon a group of 4 Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles lounging around the bow of the ship and every one got group, couples and up close solo pictures taken with our old shelled friends! Traipsing along the port side of the Sea Tiger we all peeked over the side to admire the sandy bottom 122 feet below the surface. Giant Amber Jack, or Kahala swam in hunting mode.
Soon our 20 minutes at the 50 foot visibility 100 feet below, lead us to our ascent line toward our 3 minute safety stop and penultimately the end of our diving charter.
The next site was Nautilus Reef back closer to shore where Ken took Kevin and Kelly down for their first of two shallow dives. I know from experience and inquiry that they saw White Tipped Reef Sharks, and even an octopus encounter, while the rest of us took our surface interval of 40 minutes. The deep divers Snorkeled at the surface and I kept tabs on everyone while changing over the gear for our 3rd dive site.
Horseshoe a reef would be our finale’ to the morning adventure! The Hawaii Scuba diving guests had a great trip so far but not everyone had the opportunity to view the sharks in the shallows. I made sure that would be solved as we all touched down 38 feet below the Cat and headed over to Turtle Ridge. To our delight there were sharks and sea turtles there to greet us for photo opportunities! We traversed the reef and seafloor looking in the crags and boulders for eels and cleaner shrimp. Of course the customary fish feeding to to thank our marine friends ended us back at the anchor. This 43 minute dive was a great way to end the morning. It also left the whole afternoon for our gracious and generous guests to get on with their vacations having checked off the highlight with us!
Mahalo to everyone for allowing us to guide and serve you today. I truly hope to see you all again when you return to the islands for another exciting Rainbow Scuba Diving Adventure!
Enjoy the free underwater photographs that we posted in Facebook!
Aloha until next time!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian