Scuba Honolulu 11-09-2014 1:30pm

scuba diving Honolulu

Scuba diving Honolulu Hawaii

scuba diving Honolulu
scuba diving Honolulu

Aloha Sports & Scuba Fans!
Yesterday was an epic day scuba diving Honolulu with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii!
Joining us today were a bunch of O/W & AOW Certified Divers.
Rocky, Dave, Bret, Richard & Gerald All Headed Out on The “Scuba Cat” for a Deep Shipwreck & Reef Adventure.

Sea Tiger Shipwreck / Nautilus reef Honolulu Hawaii

The “Sea Tiger” was empty – from other divers! – and We Dived the Heck out of her!
The Giant Hawaiian Sea Turtles, Schools of Tropical Fish, Octopus & the White Tipped Reef Shark were all present and accounted for.
We All Dropped Down to 100 feet & did our full 20 minutes seeing all of it.
After the safety stop & surface interval We Shot over to “Nautilus Reef” where the visibility was only about 100 feet!
Close ups with a Massive Octopus & a Meandering Spotted Eagle Ray along with the Sharks & Plethora of Local Teaming Fish that are right out of our hands made this dive sensational!
Check out the pictures & you’ll agree I’m sure.
Of course as usual Every Underwater Photograph We take at Rainbow Scuba Hawaii gets put into an album & uploaded on Facebook for your viewing pleasure!
Always Free & Always Good!
Just another reason why it’s the best way to dive with the Professional & Friendly Staff of Rainbow!
On Behalf if The Crew if like to thank Rocky, Dave, Richard, Gerald & Mr Bret Smith for their generosity!
Mahalo as Well for Choosing Rainbow Scuba Company Hawaii for scuba diving Honolulu!
See You Tomorrow!
Jeff, Ken & Captain Mark!

Author: Jeff

PADI scuba diving instructor in Honolulu, Hawaii. Diving with Rainbow Scuba since 2008

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