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Oahu Scuba diving

Discover Oahu scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba

Oahu Scuba diving
Oahu Scuba diving

Aloha & Happy Thanksgiving!
That’s right, Rainbow Scuba Company celebrated the holiday with a full day of scuba diving! We ran the gamut on skill levels of scuba divers who chose to spend Thanksgiving underwater. Our experienced crew has no problem showing our thanks by guiding newly certified open water divers to a mid morning deep shipwreck dive.

As were the three days that Sydney, her folks Steve and Lynn enjoyed. Also joining us this morning were Megan and Dan who were also finishing up her open water certification. Yes, it was a mixed boat load of great people! You can’t get a more diverse group of divers on one charter. Having two instructors working as a team to accommodate your scuba needs is what we enjoy. You’d be hard pressed to find this kind of personalized service on a private boat anywhere else in Hawaii.

As we departed Kewalo Basin Harbor, home base of The Scuba Cat, Captain Mark made way to the double shipwrecks YO-257 and San Pedro for the first of our two Honolulu scuba diving adventures.
The wind at the two wrecks was gusty, but unbelievable visibility and minimal current made this venue a good decision. Following me after I moored us up to the YO-257, Sydney & Steve took their giant strides into the Pacific Ocean blue! Descending the guideline at an even, controlled pace was a perfect way to start the day. Upon touchdown on the bow of the sunken ship we stopped to snap some pictures with a lounging Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. Diving down to the sea floor to make the crossing towards the San Pedro we passed more turtles hovering above and a large bait ball of Akule and Moorish Idols. Beautiful schools of fish to accompany us during the dive. Passing in and out of the two wrecks we waved to the passengers of the electric submarine that shares the sea at this sought after dive site. You could see the faces of the submariners looking excited and jealous of our freedom to weave in, over and around without the claustrophobic odor of the sub!

Our 20 minute excision 90 feet below left Steve and Sydney with ear to ear smiles as we passed the surface interval on route to Nautilus Reef. This is where Ken completed Megan’s open water certification with Dan tagging along. All the while Sydney, Steve and myself followed around the resident white tipped reef shark that patrols the ledge on the Diamond Head ridge if the site. A humongous octopus encounter filled a good portion of our 40 minute shallow 40 foot dive!

A loaded memory card of undersea pictures in the 90 foot visibility morning ended our excursion to the satisfaction of our guests. Remember that when you book dives with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii all your underwater photos are always free and always good. Take a peek of the albums on Facebook to preview your next best part of Hawaii scuba diving charters!
Until later today Mahalo and Aloha,
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark!

Author: Jeff

PADI scuba diving instructor in Honolulu, Hawaii. Diving with Rainbow Scuba since 2008

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