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Oahu Scuba Diving

Oahu Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Oahu Scuba Diving
Oahu Scuba Diving

Aloha to to everyone,
As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we at Rainbow Scuba are gearing up for a busy turkey day. On this eve of Thanksgiving there have been great conditions and even better customers. Today finishing up her open water certification was Sydney. Joined, of course by Steve, Lynn, and Karol who will dive along with discover scuba diver Geeshan. As I eluded to earlier the conditions during this Hawaii winter week have been spectacular! Mild current underwater and fabulous visibility make for near perfect diving conditions.
Having an afternoon scuba tour allows our customers a relaxing, pressure free morning to get prepared for the adventure ahead! This is made possible due to Rainbow Scuba’s flexible scheduling via online booking or phone reservations. Check out our user friendly interactive website! RainbowScuba.com will have answers to all your Honolulu scuba inquiries.
As our customers filtered in by our arranged discounted transportation or personal vehicles The Scuba Cat and her crew were ready and waiting to greet them. Having the gear already set up is just part of our customer service oriented goal to a great Waikiki Scuba experience.
Our first dive site destination was the popular Turtle Canyon Reef. This shallow 32 foot 37 minute scuba dive exposed all of us to an unusually large amount of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. Passing us during the dive we saw a large Spotted Eagle Ray in very shallow water! The octopus encounter ended the dive in epic fashion!
Don’t change the channel yet, because we still have one more dive to go. We unhooked and made way to Horseshoe Reef for the ultimate finish to a great day. Immediately upon entry we were surrounded by schools of colorful fish inside the confines of the reef. 80 foot visibility during this 35 minute dive made the average 40 foot dive long and relaxing. You can bet there were White Tipped Reef Sharks, Sea Turtles and a pair of Sponge Crabs that were hiding in the crags of the reef! Underwater picture taking is so easy and fun during crystal clear water conditions. We definitely took advantage of this great visibility!
Remember that We at Rainbow Scuba have been a crew that’s been working together longer than any other in Honolulu company. We know what diving enthusiast want and we accommodate gladly. All of your underwater photographs are free as a memory of your dive. Posting them on Facebook upholds our motto that your pictures are always free and always good! Please peruse former albums of other dives to know that we aim to please!
Mahalo to all who chose us!
Until tomorrow’s Thanksgiving busy scuba day double header, Aloha,
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark

Author: Jeff

PADI scuba diving instructor in Honolulu, Hawaii. Diving with Rainbow Scuba since 2008

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