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Oahu Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Oahu Scuba
Oahu Scuba

Aloha and welcome back to Rainbow Scuba’s Daly Blog. I hope this finds you happy and well.
Locally we’ve still been dealing with south winds that are blowing in crazy directions, but underwater remains more than adequate for good scuba diving!
A lot can be said for having a group of certified Oahu Scuba divers all together wanting to do a deep shipwreck dive. Some question their skill level and experience. Some wonder about if they can keep up with divers who have more dives under their belts. Then, there are some who couldn’t care less and just want to get down there and enjoy blowing bubbles! My long winded point is, at Rainbow Scuba we urge people of mixed skill levels to join in, make new friends and maybe learn a thing or two from each other. Such was the case on Friday morning.
We had a large group – by our standards. We’re advocates of keeping groups small and intimate. This allows us to give you the attention you deserve. Smaller groups also help to make your scuba dive pleasurable and safe.
This morning joining us were a mixed skill level group of 5 certified open water divers. Returning customer Margie has been out with us on several occasions and is familiar with how we do things, but this was her first time down to the deep shipwreck. Coletin and Emily are seasoned divers, but new to Oahu Scuba diving. Adrian and Karolina were here from Australia for their first scuba dives after getting certified 2 years ago!
The whole group wandered in to Kewalo Basin Harbor at 9:20. All eager to get on the way to The Sea Tiger. Having set up the gear prior to arrival we distributed weights, masks, fins while acquainting them with the crew and safety procedures aboard The Scuba Cat. Soon we were off to sea making way to the sunken shipwreck, The Sea Tiger, just a mile off shore!
The current was minor, but existed, and the visibility was about 40 feet. We all made our descent down the line and touched down on her deck at 90 feet below just a few minutes after dumping the air out of our BCD’s.
We were fortunate to be greeted by a huge Green Sea Turtle who was more than happy to get in on the initial group photo that starts all of the dives that we guide. The next 18 minutes were a relaxing tour in and around the ship. Swim throughs with Moray Eels tucked in corners, and thousands of tropical, multi-colored endemic fish shielded us from the glittering light of the surface 100 feet above. Not a bad way to start the day!
A quick 3 minute safety stop and we were all back aboard The Cat hydrating and gabbing about the dive. I took this surface interval time to change everyone’s tanks over while adjusting some weights and soon we we’re off towards our second dive site, Nautilus Reef!
As I always say Nautilus Reef is one of my favorites! It’s shallow depths and ridges and valleys filled with marine life never disappoints. White Tipped Reef Sharks to the East had everyone’s cameras flashing, Moray Eels and swarming schools of fish gave us the sensation of being in The Waikiki Aquarium Reef Tank. We saw some pretty rare monster sized shells with their inhabitants still inside! The Tritons Trumpet and Giant Conch Helmet are both great for taking photos with but not so much for the collector or jewelry maker!
The famous octopus encounter rounded up the 40 minute adventure at 34 feet and everyone was definitely satisfied!
You can enjoy all the Free Underwater Oahu Scuba Photos that we post on our company Facebook page!
Mahalo again to all our new friends!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian

Author: Jeff

PADI scuba diving instructor in Honolulu, Hawaii. Diving with Rainbow Scuba since 2008

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