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Honolulu Scuba

Honolulu Scuba diving tour with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Honolulu Scuba
Honolulu Scuba

Aloha as we get another day closer to the New Year!
As I mentioned in the blog yesterday, I had the pleasure of doing a great night dive to the deep shipwreck Fhe Sea Tiger with Kirsten from Columbus, Ohio. Go Buckeyes!
Well, today as promised she came back and she brought her whole family!
Her mom and dad, Melissa and Andy, her sister Emma along with her brother Blake all converged on Kewalo Basin Harbor for an afternoon of Scuba Diving!
The waters off of world famous Waikiki Beach were perfect for an afternoon of Discover Scuba Diving!
It was a mix of certified divers in Kirsten, Andy and Melissa. Since it was the first time diving for Hanna and Blake we all decided to go as a group for two shallow reef dives, which was the smart choice as the family wanted to all be together under the sea!
With all the gear set to go and the Scuba Cat fueled up we had our greetings, introductions and briefing with no rushing before we undocked.
In just a few minutes we were heading out to sea toward our first dive destination, Turtle Canyon Reef!
As we pulled up to the mooring some 30 feet below, skills practice and gear familiarization continued at a slow pace. We don’t rush anybody at Rainbow Scuba.
The surface weather was perfect and the visibility below was of epic conditions with 90 feet of visibility!
First to take their giant strides toward the adventure were the open water certified divers followed by the first timers. Assured that everyone was comfortable we made our way slowly and confidently to the sandy sea floor just 30 feet below us.
We started out with a great family photo and we were off to see the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles that comb the dive site. Without disappointment everyone weaved and jockeyed for position as to get into as many turtle pictures that I was snapping off as fast as I could. I’d love to see these guys at the dinner table!
Our 35 minutes at Turtle Canyon was amazing. We climbed back aboard the Scuba Cat, passed around the complimentary beverages and headed to our second dive site at Nautilus Reef!
During the 15 minute boat ride I changed the tanks, adjusted the weights for some and listened intently to the happy banter that was exchanged between the family members who were raving with excitement about the first dive.
Nautilus Reef was still holding its great conditions as we took the plunge down the line to 40 feet. I took another family group picture and we soon headed off to visit the sharks that tend to patrol the ledge along the eastern ridge. Before we could get there we came across a giant 15 pound Helmet Conch Shell and had an octopus encounter! Wow, what a way to begin our 45 minute excursion!
I clicked off dozens of pictures and we were soon away again to be amongst the sharks. As we got to them, I pulled everyone in close so that they could be face to face with the amazing creatures in their natural environment! Everyone was at awe! The typical reaction by divers to hang back and observe from afar, but if you want, Rainbow Scuba will guide you safely within 2-3 feet of them!
We passed over the ridge and explored the westerly valley taking more free underwater photographs which we post to Facebook as another perk to your dive with us!
Before we knew it we were headed back to port and docked safe and sound.
I personally wish to thank everyone from this wonderful family for booking online and choosingRainbow Scuba Hawaii as their Honolulu Scuba Company!
Mahalo for your generous gratuity and please dive with us next year when you return!
Until tomorrow this is Aloha!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark

Author: Jeff

PADI scuba diving instructor in Honolulu, Hawaii. Diving with Rainbow Scuba since 2008

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