Honolulu Scuba 11-25-2014 9:30 am

Honolulu Scuba diving

Try Honolulu scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Honolulu Scuba diving
Honolulu Scuba diving

Aloha to all scuba fans,
It’s Jeff here to tell you that Winter is here. The Thanksgiving holiday is just a day away. We the crew at Rainbow Scuba Company would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday!
Yes we are diving on Thanksgiving day and we don’t mind doing it!

Due to our brand new online booking system seats fill up fast, but you never get an over crowded situation. Every scuba dive tour with us is an intimate diving experience regardless of whom you dive with!
Today’s scuba diving day was a perfect example of such. We entertained a full boat of six assorted ocean enthusiasts. Aboard our dive boat, the Scuba Cat were, Steve and his family Lynn and open water student Sydney. Also joining us were Laryn and her son Zachary who were first time Discover Scuba divers! We even had Kim along as a rider! The sunny winter’s here in Hawaii provide a great relief from the bitter cold of the mainland. So, why not come scuba diving with us?Everyone chose to do two shallow reef dives. Having an experienced staff at Rainbow Scuba Hawaii makes all this possible with ease. We geared up, briefed and captain Mark made way towards Turtle Canyon Reef. They don’t call it that for no reason! All scuba divers witnessed dozens of Hawaiian green sea turtles in their natural environment amongst the crystal clear Pacific Ocean blue. The nearly 100 foot visibility during our 35 foot 42 minute dive gave us plenty of time to enjoy photo op’s, fish gazing and even an octopus encounter! Everyone was in awe of the dive while we spoke with candor about it on the surface.

Captain Mark, Ken and I decided that the next site should be Horseshoe Reef. Not only is it a great dive site on a crystal clear day our flexible schedule allows us to give you the customer a scuba dive virtually free of other divers! The sighting of white tipped reef sharks, hoards of tropical fish and great undersea topography made this relaxing dive a special treat. It also gave us plenty of time to snap of dozens more underwater pictures.

Remember that no matter how you chose to reserve your Honolulu Scuba Diving Adventure using our website, by phone or booking online you’re sure to get the customer service you deserve! Unlike the other companies that rush, crowd and make you carry your own rental gear. The other big advantage of the many that have your attention pertains to the pictures. At Rainbow we are professional scuba divers and we try real hard to give you quality service, but an added perk for you are the Free Underwater Photographs which are uploaded to Facebook everyday! That’s right Free! The pictures are your souvenir to show off, as well as, a memory that you keep until you dive with us again! These pictures are always good and always free! Check us out at our interactive website RainbowScuba.com For all the information you could possibly need to plan and reserve your scuba diving charter.

Thank you to all of our great guest today!
Mahalo and Aloha until tomorrow,
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark

Author: Jeff

PADI scuba diving instructor in Honolulu, Hawaii. Diving with Rainbow Scuba since 2008

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