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Hawaii Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Hawaii Scuba
Hawaii Scuba

Aloha from a very sunny Honolulu, Hawaii!
Jeff here for your Hawaii Scuba Daily Dive Blog. This is where I tell you all a little bit of what goes on from day to day in our little, but, popular dive operation!
There are so many dive companies to choose from here in Honolulu, but very few that can provide you with what Rainbow Scuba can. Case in point, today we had a private charter for a father and his daughter who wanted to dive the deep shipwreck and shallow reefs without the worry of being back at a certain time or showing up early for that matter!
So what better way to get this done than to book a Private Hawaii Scuba Diving Charter? A lot of places would charge in upwards of $500 to $600 for this experience and the diving would be an extra fee! Well that’s not the case with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii.
Joining us for a relaxing morning on The Scuba Cat were Marissa McBride and her lucky father Robert or Bob McBride as he asked me to call him.
Marissa had planned this trip to Hawaii for the sole purpose of treating her dad to the Scuba Diving Adventure of his life! So the pressure was on and we were up to the task with supreme confidence. Our years of experience in the scuba diving and hospitality industry here in Hawaii is top notched and our overly fair, quality valued prices unmatchable!
Marissa and Bob are both certified and qualified to do the deep shipwreck scuba dives, but neither has dived in over 2 years since being certified in 2013. Never a problem for our friendly and patient crew!
We geared the two divers up and familiarized them with the rental gear as well talked about the dive to come just to refresh their minds about things Thames haven’t done in over 2 years.
Soon we were cutting through the Pacific Ocean Blue heading to the first dive site, The Sea Tiger!
With a little apprehension Bob followed Marissa as they both took their giant strides toward the first Hawaii Scuba dive of the day.
As we dropped down to the the shipwreck’s deck we passed thousands of colorful fish that were bunched in thick schools. Green Sea Turtles and the 6 foot WitheTipped Reef Shark glided in a figure eight down at the sandy bottom 120 feet below the surface. A lone baby Spotted Eagle Ray flew over the top and I gave chase in an attempt to snap a photo or two. Lots of sea life with lots of underwater photos passed the 20 minutes in this 60 feet of visibility scuba dive!
As we climbed back aboard the dive boat it seemed that all the anxiety had been replaced with excitement to get on with the day. I said we’d be right back in it soon, but they should take their time and enjoy the privacy of the surface interval on their private charter!
As we got on to Horseshoe Reef for our last dive of the day the descent and 45 minute dive went along just as planned. Smooth and slow like we discussed before entering.
More sharks, sea turtles and an a rare Cormersons a Frog Fish were the highlights of this second shallow reef dive!
I know via their overly generous gratuity and countless handshakes that the wonderful Father & Daughter duo had a great day with a rainbow Scuba!
Don’t forget that all your Underwater Hawaii Scuba Photos are Always Free and Always Good on our Facebook page!
Mahalo Again until tomorrow!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Briam

Author: Jeff

PADI scuba diving instructor in Honolulu, Hawaii. Diving with Rainbow Scuba since 2008

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