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Hawaii Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Hawaii Scuba
Hawaii Scuba

Here’s hoping that this blog post finds you happy, healthy and dive wise!
We see all kinds of divers in all kinds of weather at all times of the year in this business. All of our customers are usually great. The weather is usually lovely in Hawaii too!
This past Monday I had the greatest pleasures of having both! Unbelievably fantastic Discover Hawaii Scuba divers coupled with the most beautiful conditions any diving instructor could ask for.
First time scuba divers are always excited and usually a little apprehensive of the Discover Scuba Diving adventure that they signed up for.
95 percent of the time these folks overcome their fear, embrace the excitement and manage to take advantage of the great year round Hawaii scuba diving conditions to a satisfying end. Three percent struggle through and can at least say they did it! Then there’s that ridiculously small 2 percent that get into the water and just quit. Hey it happens? For whatever reason or excuse that small two out of every one hundred people end up snorkeling or just enjoying a day riding on the boat!
Today’s early Hawaii Scuba charter customers were not included in that two percent!
Joining us on Monday morning’s Discover Scuba Diving tour were two great ladies visiting from Japan!
Kahori Ozawa and her great friend Wakana Murata both fended off the crowded mayhem of the Martin Luther King Day Parade that hampered traffic in Waikiki to make it down to Kewalo Basin Harbor. A little bit late on this busy 2 charter day, but nothing we can’t overcome with a couple of perfect morning scuba dives! When I say perfect I’m not exaggerating either! The visibility just outside the harbor mouth after we briefed, practiced and undocked, was insanely clear. I said that we might not need masks today.
It was so nice that we decided to head directly to Horseshoe Reef just a short boat ride away. We’d hate to miss this great window of visibility traveling miles away to see what we can see right here! I also knew that my camera would be busy this whole day!
As we plunged into the crystal clear pacific blue ocean just off the gorgeous shores of Waikiki Beach, everyone was excited to get past the quick group photo and start moving to where there might be Green Sea Turtles, White Tipped Reef Sharks and Pacific Octopus to play with! I’m including myself in the excited group part, because, what we were about to witness doesn’t happen everyday!
As we pulled closer to the ridge due east I spotted a humongous Spotted Eagle Ray and so did the girls! Snapping off pictures faster than my camera could keep up with I pulled back and looked at Kahori, who still wanted to pursue! We viewed a couple of White Tipped Reef Sharks, Green Sea Turtles and a couple of Day Octopus for the great encounter and photos that make Rainbow Scuba Hawaii famous and sought after!
After our 45 minutes in this 35 feet of 110 foot visibility we ended up back at our anchor site a little sad that this first of two dives was coming to an end!
Never a worry with Rainbow Scuba of course! If you want to stay and dive the same site again You’ve got it!
The girls conveyed to me and my limited Japanese that they wanted to go back and see the sharks and turtles again right here! Who were we to argue? So, I changed out the tanks, gave them a break along with a complimentary beverage. I showed off some of the free underwater pictures through the viewing window screen on my camera. This just fueled the urgency to get back in it!
So began our second Hawaii Scuba dive! This time no spotted eagle ray. It was better! A Giant Hawaiian Sting Ray about the size of a Volkswagen skimmed the ocean floor right next to us! I was so shocked I almost forgot to take pictures. Everyone including myself thought that was the highlight of the day! The ensuing octopus encounter, turtles dancing and shark viewing became almost anticlimactic!
We still managed to dive around for 45 minutes. Staying shallow in 25-30 feet of water for close to 50 minutes made the 120 feet of visibility a diving instructor’s dream come true! Having such talented, skill worthy and brave scuba divers to guide really makes that dream a reality!
If you don’t believe me check out all the free underwater photographs from today’s dive that we post to Facebook for your enjoyment!
This was a fabulous way to start the day!
Arigato Gozaimashita, Kahori and Wakana!
Mahalo Again,
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian

Author: Jeff

PADI scuba diving instructor in Honolulu, Hawaii. Diving with Rainbow Scuba since 2008

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