First Time Divers – Scuba Dive Honolulu – Oahu Hawaii

Beginner divers experience Hawaiian green sea turtles & white tip reefs sharks in Honolulu Hawaii. Two Honolulu scuba dive sites both with a depth of about 40′ and around 40 minutes of bottome time. See the additional pictures here

Sea Tiger Shipwreck – Horseshoe Reef – Hawaii Scuba Diving

Underwater adventure on the Sea Tiger shipwreck in Honolulu Hawaii. Our team explored this wreck and then ventured over to the Horseshoe reef to dive with sharks! An awesome day of Hawaii scuba diving! See the additional pictures here

Shipwreck Exploration – Honolulu Hawaii – Sea Tiger – Horseshoe reef

Great day in Honolulu for scuba diving on the Sea Tiger shipwreck. We encountered several huge Hawaiian green sea turtles and white tip reefs sharks. Two dive sites, The Sea Tiger shipwreck & Horseshoe reef. See the additional pictures here