Honolulu Scuba 02-08-2015 1:30 pm

Aloha to you all.
Today’s Scuba Diving in Honolulu was a nice break in the poor weather.
After days of rough and murky conditions we caught a lull in the storm.
I’m sure it was a real treat for our visitors from Alberta, Canada!
Glenn, Doug & Greg all showed up early at Kewalo Basin Marina for their private charter this afternoon.
We headed out to the Sea Tiger for a deep shipwreck dive and it was crystal clear!
The 100 foot dive for 20 minutes was in 80 plus feet of visibility. Which is good since we wanted to see the thousands of fish, eels and the large 6 foot white tipped reef shark swimming down along the sandy bottom.
Our second dive was at Horseshoe Reef. The visibility and the current were still there, but we managed to
make it over to the sharks and sea turtles with out to much of a struggle. The octopus encounter escaped us but the frog fish didn’t. Everyone had cameras on this 35 minute dive at 40 feet, but I managed to fill up a pretty good album for our guests.
They, as well as you all, can view the underwater photos that are free and posted to our Facebook page!
Mahalo from the staff and crew of Rainbow Scuba!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian