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Waikiki Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

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Aloha From Windy Honolulu!
It’s once again time for a Rainbow Scuba’s Blog update!
As I said it’s been pretty windy and not in the direction that we’re accustomed to. Thursday was windy and rough, but not rough enough for the four newly certified divers who wanted to dive the deep shipwreck.
Joining us from all around the country were Robin, Josh, Matt and Nate. Everyone of these gallant scuba divers were either recently certified or hadn’t dived in years. This didn’t dissuade them in any way from braving the southerly wind conditions that make the boat ride and surface a little sporty.
At Rainbow Scuba we take our guests’ safety seriously, as our 100 percent safety record would indicate.
As everyone arrived at Kewalo Basin Harbor we made it abundantly clear that the surface conditions were bumpy and it was important that everyone follow the safety briefing and dive plan carefully. The fact that they were all about the same skill level and all had limited dives kept us on our toes for the next 3 hours. It was not a problem for our experienced staff.
We headed out of the harbor and made way toward the deep shipwreck Sea Tiger to find it void of other dive boats. Safely, but smoothly we all entered the water above the wreck and got to safety by dumping the air in our BCD’s on the bowline to avoid being bounced around on the surface. This was part of the earlier discussed dive plan.
Everything went well as we descended to the the deck of The Sea Tiger 90 feet below. Snapping a picture of the group along the stern rail we began our trek.
An early octopus encounter started things off right and made for some great pictures and a promising dive to follow. There were an unusually high number of fish crossing the deck and surrounding us during the 20 minutes below. The lack of Green Sea Turtles was somewhat disconcerting, but indicative of the weather. I knew we’d find some on the second dive.
As we finished our safety stop and climbed back aboard the Scuba Cat the four intrepid scuba newbies fed the fish in a way I won’t describe. Let’s just say the 35 minute surface interval couldn’t move fast enough!
Rough, but not rough enough to stop these four scuba divers from calling it a day we all dropped in with fresh cylinders and fresh stomachs!
It was worth the wait and the bumpy seas to visit the White Tipped Reef Sharks that were cowering under the ledge avoiding the current as we were. We crossed paths with the rare Commerson’s Frog Fish that was hanging in one of the crags in the reef. Dozens of photos were captured of the multicolored camouflaged angler.
The 40 minutes in the 45 foot of visibility was a exploration and adventure the customers won’t soon forget.
By the way, we did come across a few Green Sea Turtles and got some pretty great action shots that are posted on our Facebook page.
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A big thanks goes out to the intrepid foursome that became much better divers today!
Mahalo from the staff and crew!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian