Honolulu Scuba 02-08-2015 1:30 pm

Aloha to you all.
Today’s Scuba Diving in Honolulu was a nice break in the poor weather.
After days of rough and murky conditions we caught a lull in the storm.
I’m sure it was a real treat for our visitors from Alberta, Canada!
Glenn, Doug & Greg all showed up early at Kewalo Basin Marina for their private charter this afternoon.
We headed out to the Sea Tiger for a deep shipwreck dive and it was crystal clear!
The 100 foot dive for 20 minutes was in 80 plus feet of visibility. Which is good since we wanted to see the thousands of fish, eels and the large 6 foot white tipped reef shark swimming down along the sandy bottom.
Our second dive was at Horseshoe Reef. The visibility and the current were still there, but we managed to
make it over to the sharks and sea turtles with out to much of a struggle. The octopus encounter escaped us but the frog fish didn’t. Everyone had cameras on this 35 minute dive at 40 feet, but I managed to fill up a pretty good album for our guests.
They, as well as you all, can view the underwater photos that are free and posted to our Facebook page!
Mahalo from the staff and crew of Rainbow Scuba!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian

Honolulu Scuba 02-07-2015 1:30 pm

Honolulu Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Honolulu Scuba
Honolulu Scuba

Another great day of scuba diving in Honolulu today with our group of first time scuba divers. Today’s first dive site was at Horseshoe reef on the south side of Honolulu. The waters visibility was somewhere around 40′ – 50′ or so. We dove to a maximum depth of about 35′ for about 30 minutes. We encountered a few white tip reef sharks and a Hawaiian green sea turtle.

The second Honolulu scuba dive site was at Nautilus reef. Again the visibility was around 50′ or so. This dive was a little longer, about 45 minutes. We saw several schools of reef fish and of course the Hawaii octopus encounter.

Overall a great day of Honolulu scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii.

Waikiki Scuba 02-05-2015 9:30 am

Waikiki Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Waikiki Scuba
Waikiki Scuba

Aloha From Windy Honolulu!
It’s once again time for a Rainbow Scuba’s Blog update!
As I said it’s been pretty windy and not in the direction that we’re accustomed to. Thursday was windy and rough, but not rough enough for the four newly certified divers who wanted to dive the deep shipwreck.
Joining us from all around the country were Robin, Josh, Matt and Nate. Everyone of these gallant scuba divers were either recently certified or hadn’t dived in years. This didn’t dissuade them in any way from braving the southerly wind conditions that make the boat ride and surface a little sporty.
At Rainbow Scuba we take our guests’ safety seriously, as our 100 percent safety record would indicate.
As everyone arrived at Kewalo Basin Harbor we made it abundantly clear that the surface conditions were bumpy and it was important that everyone follow the safety briefing and dive plan carefully. The fact that they were all about the same skill level and all had limited dives kept us on our toes for the next 3 hours. It was not a problem for our experienced staff.
We headed out of the harbor and made way toward the deep shipwreck Sea Tiger to find it void of other dive boats. Safely, but smoothly we all entered the water above the wreck and got to safety by dumping the air in our BCD’s on the bowline to avoid being bounced around on the surface. This was part of the earlier discussed dive plan.
Everything went well as we descended to the the deck of The Sea Tiger 90 feet below. Snapping a picture of the group along the stern rail we began our trek.
An early octopus encounter started things off right and made for some great pictures and a promising dive to follow. There were an unusually high number of fish crossing the deck and surrounding us during the 20 minutes below. The lack of Green Sea Turtles was somewhat disconcerting, but indicative of the weather. I knew we’d find some on the second dive.
As we finished our safety stop and climbed back aboard the Scuba Cat the four intrepid scuba newbies fed the fish in a way I won’t describe. Let’s just say the 35 minute surface interval couldn’t move fast enough!
Rough, but not rough enough to stop these four scuba divers from calling it a day we all dropped in with fresh cylinders and fresh stomachs!
It was worth the wait and the bumpy seas to visit the White Tipped Reef Sharks that were cowering under the ledge avoiding the current as we were. We crossed paths with the rare Commerson’s Frog Fish that was hanging in one of the crags in the reef. Dozens of photos were captured of the multicolored camouflaged angler.
The 40 minutes in the 45 foot of visibility was a exploration and adventure the customers won’t soon forget.
By the way, we did come across a few Green Sea Turtles and got some pretty great action shots that are posted on our Facebook page.
Remember to book with Rainbow Scuba if you want a safely planned dive day filled with Free Underwater Photos!
A big thanks goes out to the intrepid foursome that became much better divers today!
Mahalo from the staff and crew!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian

Hawaii Scuba 02-01-2015 9:30 am

Hawaii Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Hawaii Scuba
Hawaii Scuba

Aloha Scuba Diving Fans and Super Bowl Fans Alike!
Yes it the BIG Day for my New England Patriots and the defending champion Seattle Seahawks!
The Game doesn’t start until 1:30 pm Hawaii Time so Ken Assured that I would have plenty of time to make it home for the game. He was right.
Yet, the ONLY thing on my mind that morning was a special Private Charter of a scuba diving couple that booked the early deep shipwreck and reef tour that started at 9:30am.
Tom and Hannah(who just happened to be Pats Fand) couldn’t have picked a better day to own the whole boat!
I arrived early with Ken to make sure everything was squared away for the private scuba diving charter. The water & wind were more than exceptional for two newly certified open water divers. After they promptly showed up at 9:20 am we had lots of time to get aquatinted with each other, the diving gear, boat and all the necessary procedures that would encompass our fantastic day out along the blue south shores of Waikiki Beach.
We singled up our lines and were soon making way toward the first scuba diving site of the day, The Sea Tiger!
This famous and massive shipwreck that sits in 122 feet of water just a mile off shore was deserted of other divers so, Tom, Hannah and I owned this dive site! It sure paid off! Thousands of fish, lots of eels and the Biggest octopus encounter I. A long time, happened all In the first five minutes! The octopus was easily 4 pounds big and We have posted a lot of free pictures to prove it!
20 minutes and a three minute safety stop later we were back on board the Scuba Cat enjoying the complimentary beverages, surface interval and 35 minute off gassing rest before our second dive of that morning!
I spoke about not seeing the usual giant green sea turtles and sometimes present shark that hangs around the shipwreck, but I was determined to
Make sure these two guest weren’t going home without these highlights!
With the pressure on and the Super Bowl still hours away I did my best Tom Brady and took them down the field to see Sharks, lots of Giant Green Sea Turtles and even a special treat of 2 massive Commersons Frog Fish who were camouflaged on the reef.
I nearly drained my camera battery taking so may action pics of the two generous and extremely friendly scuba customers, as well as all the spectacular sea life!
It’s days like these that make me and our staff coming back every day!
Mahalo and Aloha to Tom & Hannah for choosing Rainbow Scuba’s Private Charter Option. Everything is available online or go to our website and give us a call!
Don’t forget that all the Underwater Photos are Always Free and Always Good as we post them on our Facebook page for your viewing and sharing pleasure!
By the way. Congrats to the 4 time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots on the Win inSB 49!!!!
Until Tomorrow!
Jeff, Ken & Captain Brian