Honolulu Scuba 01-21-2015 6:00 am

Honolulu Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Honolulu Scuba
Honolulu Scuba

Aloha and an extremely early good morning to whoever and all who are following along with Rainbow Scuba’s Daily Blog!
You know I’m always bragging about our Honolulu Scuba experiences, professionalism and willingness to please you type of staff and crew we have here at Rainbow? Well this Wednesday morning before the sun was even close to rising, we were definitely put to the test!
Creative scheduling and a private dive boat leaves nothing but flexible scuba dive schedules and charters, but I had no idea why Ken gave me Tuesday off until this!
Hey Jeff, by the way, tomorrow we have a 6:00am, that’s right, 6:00am, Deep Shipwreck and Reef Scuba Dive! Those are the words I’ll never forget! Let me tell you that this time of year in Hawaii the sun doesn’t rise until 6:30am.
We are definitely here to please you. As it turns out we got a phone call from Joe, who directly explained that he and his two friends wanted to scuba dive the shipwreck, but had to be at a seminar meeting at 10:30am. This left us with just one option. The option was an extremely early scuba charter for certified divers!
I was told that we had an early tour, but I was hardly expecting to be at Kewalo Basin Harbor setting up The Scuba Cat at 5:00am Dark!
Yet, being one of the consummate professionals there I found myself. Stumbling around in the dark of my home I tried desperately not to wake up my wife and still sleeping 2 year old son at 4:00am. Slipping out the door and driving away in my truck to work at 4:45am was a little surreal as I kept saying, This Is Early and Dark!
I set up the boat in the pitch black morning and was soon joined by the rest of the crew. We anxiously awaited our customers by talking through the plan of the morning’s two dives.
Just before sunrise Joe, Paul and Richard all arrived and were greeted by the smiling staff!
Gear being already set up and the briefing having had been explained, we left the harbor with night operation lights on! The Scuba Cat has great night diving capabilities and great deck lights, so, this part was no stranger to us! Just getting past the part about scuba diving before most of us eat breakfast was the conundrum, if you will! This didn’t curb my enthusiasm one iota!
After speaking at length with the 3 dawn patrol divers I knew we were going to have a great time. They all had a few dives in the books and seemed to be in good shape for this.
As Captain Brian hovered the Cat over the black ocean above the Sea Tiger I jumped in to tie us up to the stern mooring of the shipwreck It was still pretty dark. Dark enough to be considered a night dive, but as I switched on my dive light I realized that the sun was rising quickly. I also realized that the pristine conditions that we have been having the past 4 days were still hear under the glassy surface!
By the time the trio of customers hit the water it was apparent and obvious to all that our next 20 minutes were going to be epic! The descent to the shipwrecks deck at 90 feet went smooth but slow as Richard had a little challenge in equalizing his ears for the first 3 minutes. We touched down just minutes after splash down.
The visibility at depth was an amazing 100 feet vertically and easily 130 horizontally!
I wrangled a baby octopus before all three of the dawn patrol hit the deck. So, we started with an octopus encounter at 93 feet! This was the first for all of our guests. I thought that was surprising, considering some of them had dozens maybe a hundred scuba dives! Two of them had a few dives here in Hawaii with the competition! They’re diving today with Rainbow Scuba and me, the Octopus King! We took pictures of sleepy Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, Moray Eels of different colors and species of colorful Hawaiian Tropical Fish in massive schools. None of the marine life were expecting us so early in their morning! The 20 minutes and 3 minute safety stop went by pretty quickly and we were all soon back aboard The Cat with mouths a rattling with excitement about the preceding Honolulu Scuba dive. We decided to take our surface interval right there and watch the sun continue to rise over famous Diamond Head as it slowly brought a warm glow to beautiful Waikiki Beach and Hotels. Not a bad start to the day!
I knew as we headed over the mirror like glass ocean off of Ala Moana Beach Park and Magic Island, that the next dive at Nautilus Reef was gonna be something special for Joe, Paul and Richard.
Nautilus Reef is a favorite of mine because of the terrain, topography and generous abundance of marine life. Today at this early hour it almost looked unfamiliar because I had never in my 35 years of scuba diving seen 150 feet of visibility. I can confidently say this was the level of clarity based upon the fact that I could see with ease from the west valley ridge all the way to the east valley wall. That I know to be over 150 feet away!
Baby White Tipped Reef Sharks, Giant Groups of Uhu, even a fully exposed and, moving ever so sluggishly, Tritons Trumpet were just a few of the creatures we saw, photographed and sat in awe of over the next 48 minutes!
All of this dive was done in the shallows of 33 feet or less! I’m still in aghast over the perfect conditions!
We didn’t want it to end but rules and air are not infinite!
We all headed back with our cameras smoking and our cravings satisfied after another tremendous Rainbow Scuba Adventure!
If you want to take peek at highlights from this scuba diving tour or any of the hundreds we’ve done feel free to check out all the free underwater photographs in the albums we post to Facebook daily!
Rainbow Scuba Hawaii not only has the lowest Honolulu Scuba prices for your value, complimentary beverages, inclusive gear with no hidden charges and the promise of Underwater pictures that are Always Free and Always Good, We’ll go out of our way to ensure your safety and fun. Use our booking online feature as the obvious no brainer choice for your Island Dive package and needs! I’ll happily put our 100 percent safety record up against ANY boat in the harbor.
Aloha And See you all tomorrow!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian

Waikiki Scuba 01-19-2015 1:30 pm

Waikiki Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Waikiki Scuba
Waikiki Scuba

Aloha and We’re back for more!
It’s time to update you all with another bloggers post from Rainbow Scuba Company Hawaii.
Just getting a breath in from this morning’s Monday Discover Waikiki Scuba Diving early charter on Martin Luther King Day. I must say the holiday with all of its pomp and circumstance has left Waikiki in a torrid gridlock of traffic and pedestrian mayhem. We at Rainbow Scuba have the answer to the hustle and bustle. Come aboard The Scuba Cat and leave the land behind for a few hours!
The guests we had on the 9:30am scuba diving charter had an unbelievable time in the epic conditions above and below the surface. So, I was more than happy to extend this day for another 2 or 3 Deep Shipwreck and Discover Scuba Dives!
Having 2 knowledgable instructors on staff is a great way to accommodate the sometimes mixed or modified groups of skill leveled scuba divers. Many people who are certified scuba divers always travel to Honolulu with first time scuba divers. Many times this means that none of them dive. Not today! Wanting to brave the deep shipwreck dives while your other half can’t makes for a scheduling nightmare in most cases. At Rainbow Scuba Hawaii we have the flexible and creative scheduling ability with our private boat tours that make a mixed dive charter possible.
Joining us this holiday afternoon were 4 wonderful guests who wanted to do all kinds of Waikiki Scuba diving! Bay Area Certified open water scuba diver Ben along with first time diver Shirley met up with certified and seasoned scuba diver Sherry from Oklahoma. Rounding off our group of four was first time discover scuba diver Margeritte.
Everyone arrived at Kewalo Basin Harbor for an afternoon of scuba diving fun!
After setting up and acquainting everyone with their gear and the crew, we were soon untied from the dock. Heading toward the open sea the anticipation grew as we closed in on our first scuba dive destination The deep shipwreck, Sea Tiger!
Aboard we had two customers that were certified and two who were not. Now this might present a problem for most scuba diving companies, but not Rainbow Scuba! Two capable, experienced instructors and a private boat solves most dilemmas of such. The certified divers aren’t chained to doing just shallow dives and the Discover Scuba Divers, or first timers aren’t left to do just 1 shallow dive.
Follow along and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
As we tied up to the Sea Tiger 100 feet below the dive boat I waited for Ben and Sherry to stride into the clear 100 feet plus of visibility! After signaling, okay, we descended smoothly along the line down toward the massive steel shipwreck below. We passed the parting thousands of Moorish Idols and Mamo that schooled above the Sea Tiger. As the fish welcomed us so did the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and Moray Eels that laze around the different decks of the shipwreck. The 20 minutes at 100 feet was a cornucopia of mixed marine life including Baby Spotted Eagle Ray and a 6 foot White Tipped Reef Shark shadowing the sandy bottom 122 feet below the surface. We ascended to our 3 minute safety stop and breached the surface to climb back aboard the Scuba Cat. We got settled and relaxed while Ken was rounding up his detailed safety briefing for Shirley and Margeritte. In a few short minutes they were about to take the plunge on their first of two shallow Discover Waikiki Scuba dives. While Ben, Sherry and I off gassed and had cold beverages, Captain Brian sailed us to the shallows of Nautilus Reef.
Now I can’t tell you to much about what happened on this dive as I was taking a necessary surface interval on the boat. I will say after my thousands of dives something tells me that after the two ladies overcame their apprehensions. They both descended with Ken alongside to guide them toward the roving baby sharks.
35 minutes later the two first timers popped up on the surface next to the Cat and climbed back aboard. We all got settled in and everyone gathered themselves for the final triumph and second scuba dive for the group. The Captain got us underway just a stones throw over to Horseshoe Reef!
The lot of us took our strides into the still phenomenally clear water and made our descent to the sandy bottom just 36 feet below.
A tight group picture and we were off toward the ridge where turtles and sharks intermingle as if they are expecting scuba divers to come along at any moment!
The two buddy teams of Ben and Shirley with Sherry and Margeritte followed me along for 35 minutes of fish feeding, turtle posing and shark viewing!
I took dozens of free underwater Waikiki Scuba photographs that are all posted up on our Facebook page for your viewing and bragging pleasure!
A big Rainbow Scuba Hawaii Mahalo goes out to everyone who joined us this morning and this afternoon on an absolutely perfect Monday in Honolulu!
Until next time, Aloha!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian

Hawaii Scuba 01-19-2015 9:30 am

Hawaii Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Hawaii Scuba
Hawaii Scuba

Here’s hoping that this blog post finds you happy, healthy and dive wise!
We see all kinds of divers in all kinds of weather at all times of the year in this business. All of our customers are usually great. The weather is usually lovely in Hawaii too!
This past Monday I had the greatest pleasures of having both! Unbelievably fantastic Discover Hawaii Scuba divers coupled with the most beautiful conditions any diving instructor could ask for.
First time scuba divers are always excited and usually a little apprehensive of the Discover Scuba Diving adventure that they signed up for.
95 percent of the time these folks overcome their fear, embrace the excitement and manage to take advantage of the great year round Hawaii scuba diving conditions to a satisfying end. Three percent struggle through and can at least say they did it! Then there’s that ridiculously small 2 percent that get into the water and just quit. Hey it happens? For whatever reason or excuse that small two out of every one hundred people end up snorkeling or just enjoying a day riding on the boat!
Today’s early Hawaii Scuba charter customers were not included in that two percent!
Joining us on Monday morning’s Discover Scuba Diving tour were two great ladies visiting from Japan!
Kahori Ozawa and her great friend Wakana Murata both fended off the crowded mayhem of the Martin Luther King Day Parade that hampered traffic in Waikiki to make it down to Kewalo Basin Harbor. A little bit late on this busy 2 charter day, but nothing we can’t overcome with a couple of perfect morning scuba dives! When I say perfect I’m not exaggerating either! The visibility just outside the harbor mouth after we briefed, practiced and undocked, was insanely clear. I said that we might not need masks today.
It was so nice that we decided to head directly to Horseshoe Reef just a short boat ride away. We’d hate to miss this great window of visibility traveling miles away to see what we can see right here! I also knew that my camera would be busy this whole day!
As we plunged into the crystal clear pacific blue ocean just off the gorgeous shores of Waikiki Beach, everyone was excited to get past the quick group photo and start moving to where there might be Green Sea Turtles, White Tipped Reef Sharks and Pacific Octopus to play with! I’m including myself in the excited group part, because, what we were about to witness doesn’t happen everyday!
As we pulled closer to the ridge due east I spotted a humongous Spotted Eagle Ray and so did the girls! Snapping off pictures faster than my camera could keep up with I pulled back and looked at Kahori, who still wanted to pursue! We viewed a couple of White Tipped Reef Sharks, Green Sea Turtles and a couple of Day Octopus for the great encounter and photos that make Rainbow Scuba Hawaii famous and sought after!
After our 45 minutes in this 35 feet of 110 foot visibility we ended up back at our anchor site a little sad that this first of two dives was coming to an end!
Never a worry with Rainbow Scuba of course! If you want to stay and dive the same site again You’ve got it!
The girls conveyed to me and my limited Japanese that they wanted to go back and see the sharks and turtles again right here! Who were we to argue? So, I changed out the tanks, gave them a break along with a complimentary beverage. I showed off some of the free underwater pictures through the viewing window screen on my camera. This just fueled the urgency to get back in it!
So began our second Hawaii Scuba dive! This time no spotted eagle ray. It was better! A Giant Hawaiian Sting Ray about the size of a Volkswagen skimmed the ocean floor right next to us! I was so shocked I almost forgot to take pictures. Everyone including myself thought that was the highlight of the day! The ensuing octopus encounter, turtles dancing and shark viewing became almost anticlimactic!
We still managed to dive around for 45 minutes. Staying shallow in 25-30 feet of water for close to 50 minutes made the 120 feet of visibility a diving instructor’s dream come true! Having such talented, skill worthy and brave scuba divers to guide really makes that dream a reality!
If you don’t believe me check out all the free underwater photographs from today’s dive that we post to Facebook for your enjoyment!
This was a fabulous way to start the day!
Arigato Gozaimashita, Kahori and Wakana!
Mahalo Again,
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian

Oahu Scuba 01-18-2015 1:30 pm

Oahu Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Oahu Scuba
Oahu Scuba

Aloha from Rainbow Scuba’s daily blog!
Continuing on with our big Sunday splash of Discover Oahu Scuba Diving for the first time divers, I’m here to tell you that it was great!
The morning brought us a small family of visitors. The afternoon had us catering to a group of young adults here for a weekend out under the seas off of beautiful Ala Moana Beach Park.
Taulina, Sharon, Christine, Michael and Kacee all met up at Kewalo Basin Harbor after lunch for an afternoon private charter aboard The Scuba Cat!
Without rushing or pressuring anyone that might be nervous, we carefully went through our briefing, skills and practice as we headed out toward our first of two discover scuba dives. The destination was Nautilus Reef!
Having two experienced instructors made it easy to accommodate the 5 scuba divers at the 35 foot reef dive for the next 35 minutes below the surface. Blowing bubbles upon our descent I was able to wrangle an octopus early for the encounter and photo opportunity that makes Rainbow Scuba famous around the world!
Having that excitement to start the dive made the next 20 minutes even better and relaxed as we combed the ledge where the White Tipped Reef Sharks patrol back and forth all day. Everyone got to see them up close! I also managed to snap off a few pictures despite the relatively degrading visibility. We always seem to manage a pleasing scuba experience for everyone!
The valley at Nautilus Reef never seems to disappoint our guests regardless of the conditions!
As we untied from the mooring our first time Oahu Scuba divers all had a break from the action as we passed out complimentary beverages and changed over to full tanks.
Our next destination was just a short jaunt to the west at Horseshoe Reef.
Having been already acclimated to the Pacific Ocean off of Oahu’s southeastern shore the intrepid group of scuba divers followed me down the line to the sandy bottom. A quick group photo and we were off to dive with the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and more sharks to the east! Even in the 15 feet of visibility everyone was able to see the marine life that flourishes everyday.
More eels and a few schools of fish later our 40 minute scuba dive in Hawaii had come to an end.
Not sadly though! All of our customers get to re-live their experience of a lifetime with the free underwater Oahu Scuba photographs posted to Facebook!
Another great day for all as we said Mahalo to everyone!
Aloha again,
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian

Honolulu Scuba 01-18-2015 9:30 am

Honolulu Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Honolulu Scuba
Honolulu Scuba

Aloha and good morning from Rainbow Scuba Hawaii!
It’s time where we share the day’s charter on our blog!
It’s Sunday and were still working to keep our guests happily scuba diving!
The weather has been a little finicky this weekend, but not so bad that we can’t take some first time divers out for a Discover Scuba Diving adventure!
Onshore winds usually bring poor visibility and choppy conditions, but we made sure our customers would be able to enjoy their experience during their visit to Hawaii!
Joining us this morning were a great family of youngsters with their dad along to try scuba diving in Honolulu!
Jeff brought his kids Jonathan, Michelle and Debbie out on The Scuba Cat for a midmorning discover scuba diving tour.
We all greeted and met up at Kewalo Basin Harbor promptly for the gear up, normal skills and safety briefing. Before you knew it we were undocked and making way toward Horseshoe Reef! Normally we would tread out to Turtle Canyon Reef, but the conditions would be better at Horseshoe for viewing sharks and sea turtles. That’s why it’s best to go with a company like Rainbow Scuba. Our 35 years of diving experience and 12 years of crewing together in Honolulu pays off every time!
The diving along the southeastern shores off of famous Waikiki Beach haven’t been pristine the past few days, yet, we had no problems navigating around the reef.
Managing to find Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, White Tipped Reef Sharks and countless schools of tropical local reef fish made this day a success in our book!
This modified private charter was easily booked online to accommodate your schedule.
Don’t forget that all of your free underwater photographs are posted to our Facebook page for the souvenir of the great scuba adventure with us!
Mahalo again,
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian