Oahu Scuba 01-30-2015 1:30 pm

Oahu Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Oahu Scuba
Oahu Scuba

Aloha and what another Big day for us at Rainbow Scuba Hawaii on Friday! We got a lot of divers this afternoon taking advantage of the break in the weather as first time Discover Divers Should!
Yeah it’s been pretty off and on with the wind changing directions, sometimes every hour! If we’re underwater were none the wiser, but on the surface it can be a little bumpy.
Since were loaded with first timers it was probably best we waited until the winds died down some.
It was well worth the one day wait.
We had people booking online, calling by phone and even some pulling our phone number off of the big sign on our dive boat! Everyone wanted to scuba dive!
Either way we were full! Just the way we like it with two instructors and a full boat crew . Geared Up, Fuel tanks full and lots of tanks aboard the Scuba Cat we just waited for our customers to start rolling in!
That they did! Like Noah’s arc they all
came in 2 by 2 ready and excited to try Scuba diving on Oahu.
Joining us on this hot and sunny afternoon were a father and daughter team from Australia, Adrian and Ella, meeting up just minutes late were the trio of Jocelyn and Robert, from Philly along with Alaskan native Ryan. Last but not least was a our Soul Certified Scuba Diver Sherri who was making her very first scuba dive after being certified a year ago.
Seeing as all were either first timers or just novices we chose to to brief and practice like it was everyone’s first time. Safety and fun are our main concerns here at Rainbow Scuba Hawaii!
After all introductions were taken care of and everyone had been given their instructions it was time to make way!
Captain Brian headed us out of Kewalo Basin Harbor and into the wide open sea and Horseshoe Reef!
The water was great and the moorings were empty as we headed down to the shallow practice water or 5 feet to be sure mask clearing and the few other skills were mastered. Then we were off to see the Sharks!
It’s just a short dive to the cove where they roam, but after the group picture and swim over we had to turn around and get back! Yeah we had a few HEAVY breathers but some great shark pictures! I just didn’t have the time to wrangle out the huge Octopus I saw for the Encounter that everyone looks forward too.
It’s okay I figured We’d be at Nautilus Reef soon for our second scuba dive and I can always find one there?
Wrong I was. We did have a great time & saw some pretty amazing things, but please take my advice. If it’s your first time or if you’re new to this, please leave your personal cameras on the boat. I promise that I’ll take better pictures and take a lot of worries away from you having fun!
Pleaser remember that both Discover Scuba Dives are less that 40 feet deep and should be last about an average
of 30-40 minutes.
Disposable, GoPro’s and other cameras that you’re not used to using underwater while scuba diving will only get in Your way.
Besides, at Rainbow Scuba Hawaii All The Underwater Photographs we take of your dive adventure is Free of Charge and Always Good!
Posted to our Facebook page for the digital souvenirs that will be yours to last a lifetime!
I hope to see you all again soon and Mahalo for joining us today!
Jeff, Ken & Captain Brian