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Honolulu Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Honolulu Scuba
Honolulu Scuba

Aloha and welcome back to Rainbow Scuba’s Daily Dive Blog.
Well our light, but steady Trade winds came back today. Making this Tuesday’s afternoon Discover Honolulu Scuba Diving for first time divers a pleasant experience as always!
The Rainbow crew who battled the flu and shifting winds last week are back in top form. Having had boat loads of certified divers lately it was a treat to take some first time scuba divers out for a charter! We live to teach Discover Scuba Divers how much fun the underwater world can be here in Hawaii.
Tuesday afternoon was no exception.
Joining us from their globe trotting adventures were a couple from New Jersey, Sarah and Sebastian. They met up with the father and son team from Toronto, Canada, Kent and Ethan for a day of scuba diving adventure!
The intrepid first timers all converged at Kewalo Basin Harbor to board our private dive boat, The Scuba Cat!
All arrived early with excitement to get a head start on what was to be an afternoon of new sights and sounds.
Prepared ahead of time we welcomed and introduced ourselves to acquaint the fearless four with the set up gear and the briefing that starts every scuba tour.
They payed close attention and wasted no time practicing the necessary skills for their two scuba dives in the shallow clear Pacific Ocean!
Undocking and heading out if the harbor it was just a short boat ride to the first dive site, Horseshoe Reef. As we moored up to the shallow anchor just 35 feet below, the divers followed me in one after another.
Re-Assuring me that the skills were mastered in shallow water we were soon dropping down the line to see all that the secluded dive site had to offer. Planning to take the usual 70-100 underwater pictures of the group. I snapped one Honolulu Scuba group shot with everyone on the seafloor and we were soon diving east to see the Baby White Tipped Reef Sharks that laze on the bottom under the coves ledge. Creeping in slow as to not spook the graceful creatures I managed some great pics before I helped the divers get up close for a better look!
Not 3 minutes into our 35 minutes into the dive I spotted an Octopus who was more than happy to pose for the photograph we call the Octopus Encounter.
30 minutes and thousands of colorful reef fish later we headed back up the line to climb back aboard the Cat!
Refreshment beverages were passed around as we changed out the tanks and headed to the second dive site, Nautilus Reef.
More and more sharks seem to moving in at Nautilus and we got some really nice pictures. We combed the ridges and valleys of the famed dive site as everyone was now comfortable in the 100 foot visibility just 40 feet below the dive boat. Big shells, different Eels of various sizes and colors greeted us with open mouths! Dozens of Moorish Idols along with Large groups of Uhu(parrot fish) were visible from far away so we dived closer to inspect. Before we knew it the 40 minute excursion winded up at the anchor line and we were soon back aboard The Scuba Cat with stories to tell. Surprising how the size of the sharks grows with every minute that passes!
Everyone was impressed and delighted that they booked they’re trips with Rainbow Scuba. The Trip Advisor reviews say it all. Many, if not all, reveal the highlights as well as the fact that ALL the underwater Honolulu Scuba photographs we take are Free and posted on our Facebook page as souvenirs for you of your memorable, exciting day visiting Hawaii!
Until tomorrow Mahalo and Aloha!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian