Waikiki Scuba 01-17-2015 9:30 am

Waikiki Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Waikiki Scuba
Waikiki Scuba

Aloha Waikiki Scuba scuba diving and sports fans where ever you may be looking in from!
On the verge of the NFL’s conference championships this Sunday. The staff and crew of Rainbow Scuba Hawaii took no day off this weekend.
In short, we love to scuba dive in Waikiki!
Today we had a wonderful bunch of China Airlines crew members that wanted to be catered to for a change, while we offered our hospitality during their travels to the reefs of Honolulu’s south eastern shores! First class seating for these great guys and dolls!
Joining us aboard The Scuba Cat this morning for a Discover Scuba diving adventure was our old friend Hardy and he brought along a few special friends! Cindy, Meg, April, Wilma and Jane rounded up the guest list for the morning adventure.
Meeting everyone at Kewalo Basin Harbor we all got acquainted with each other and our gear. Before to long we we’re headed out to sea!
The sun was shining and the waters were calm for a change, but the visibility wasn’t pristine. Yet, we forged through and made it to Nautilus Reef for some shark viewing, fish feeding and an automatic octopus encounter!
The 35 minutes of exploration at 40 feet ended up being a first time Waikiki Scuba dive for the intrepid gaggle of smiling ladies and Hardy!
We took our respite on the surface with complimentary beverages, then pointed the Cat toward Horseshoe Reef for the final Discover Scuba Dive of the morning. As the waters to the east at Turtle Canyon Reef were very cloudy we managed to secure a great mooring at Horseshoe!
We all dropped down the line smoothly and safely to the keyhole of the dive site, stopping only to take a group pic.
We made it over to Turtle Ridge and got great photos of baby White Tipped Reef Sharks and Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles!
I had a great time guiding this lovely group through the water today and I know they had a splendid time as well!
I hope you all enjoy the complimentary underwater Waikiki Scuba photographs that we post to our Facebook page. Unlike the other companies Rainbow Scuba’s Underwater Photos are Always Free and Always Good!
Mahalo to you all for choosing us for the time of your lives!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian