Honolulu Scuba 01-10-2015 9:30 am

Honolulu Scuba with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Honolulu Scuba
Honolulu Scuba

Aloha and hello again from sunny Honolulu!
Rainbow Scuba’s daily blogger here to tell you a little about today’s diving adventures.
After going through a busy week of first time Discover Scuba divers, we managed to get a booking for some certified divers! We love doing any type of scuba diving with our guests, but I was in dire need of a deep shipwreck and shallow reef dive! That means we were heading to my favorite sunken ship The Sea Tiger!
Joining us on this beautiful sunny morning were 5 great people who were excited to get to 100 feet deep before lunch. Arriving early was Tiffany, followed soon after by Emily, Eric, Sophia and Iker!
Everyone met at Kewalo Basin Harbor, which is home to our private Honolulu Scuba dive boat The Scuba Cat!
After gearing up and introducing each other to the crew, we undocked and were soon making way toward the open sea.
As we neared the dive site just a little over a mile off of Ala Moana Beach, I could see that it was going to be a great day. The water was pure glass and the visibility from the surface looked to be over 100 feet!
I tied us off to the stern mooring, Ken and Captain Mark buddy checked everyone then, the next thing I saw were people taking their giant strides toward the first of two Honolulu Scuba dives for the morning.
Tiffany was serious when she assured me that she really wanted to see sharks, sea turtles and the famous octopus encounter that has become an expected crowd pleaser attraction for our customers after all these years!
I had no problem in promising her that I would come through on all three and then some! The pressure was certainly on!
Touching down on the massive shipwreck deck we bunched together at the stern rail for a group picture and away we went. The 90 foot average depth was a breeze for the next 18 minutes and visibility was better than ever!
Passing through the giant schools of Damsel Fish, Moorish Idols and Blue Lined Snappers we explored together and came upon a great view of the six foot White Tipped Reef Shark laying on the sandy bottom just off the starboard quarter of the wreck. Since the shark was down on the sand at 110 feet I signaled everyone to stay at 90 feet while I dropped down to 100 to snap a few pictures for the photo album. Posing some more with The Giant Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles on the shipwreck’s bow made it about time to turn around for the last stretch back to the ascent line. An amusing 3 minute safety stop was followed up with the fin removal service and assisted safe return to each person’s bench seat.
The typical rants and raves about the the just completed dive along with the complimentary beverage was a great way to spend our surface interval while we off gassed I kept busy by changing over the tanks.
40 minutes later we were hovering over Nautilus Reef for our shallow second scuba dive!
The 100 foot visibility held fast and so did the sunshine as we splashed in toward our smooth descent to the 40 foot sandy bottom just outside the eastern valley ridge. This put us in a great position to slide over to the ledge where the smaller sharks patrolled daily. There’s always so much to see at Nautilus Reef that it’s like diving in an aquarium museum tank filled with tropical marine life!
Of course no dive to this site would be a 40 minute blast without the promised octopus encounter for Tiffany and the rest of our great new friends of Rainbow Scuba!
I hope everyone enjoyed the Honolulu Scuba dives, hospitality and free underwater photographs that we post to Facebook for a great souvenir memory album of a lifetime!
Until tomorrow Mahalo to All!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark