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Hawaii Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

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Aloha and good morning!
Jeff here from Rainbow Scuba! Bright and early to tell you Hawaii Scuba blog followers about the fantastic mid-morning shallow reef charters that we did today!
It’s Rainbow Scuba so don’t worry about waking up at 5 or 6 in the morning to rush to the dock at Kewalo Basin Harbor! We’ve implemented a flexible more casual schedule that is a lot more user friendly and easier on your vacation time!
Accompanying us this morning were a couple of wonderfully excited women from Switzerland Michelle and her travel companion Monica, who was celebrating her birthday! So we certainly didn’t want to disappoint!
Joining along also from blustery Chicago, Illinois was Eric Montgomery. Eric is a PADI certified open water diver who had not been diving for over two years and was looking to get back in the swing by doing two shallow reef dives. I have a feeling He’ll be back this week for the deep shipwreck dives!
Having everyone briefed and aquatinted with each other and their gear we singled up our lines and headed to Horseshoe Reef for our first of the two shallow scuba dives of the morning.
As it was yesterday, the conditions were perfect! I could see clearly from aboard the speedy Scuba Cat that the visibility was an easy 100 feet. This got my heart pumping as I jumped in without even a mask to hook us to the inside mooring of the dive site.
When everyone did their practice skills and descended smoothly down to the inner cup of the horseshoe. I snapped a group picture and away we went to dive and photograph some sharks and turtles!
Eric was using a GoPro for his video and I, of course had my trusty Sony for the Free Underwater Photos that are included with every scuba dive experience with Rainbow!
38 minutes later we were rehydrating and comparing stories about the phenomenal visibility while the captain motored us over to Nautilus Reef for the second Hawaii Scuba dive of the morning!
With everyone eager to see the sea life Ken naturally put on the pressure as he promised I’d find them an octopus for the famous encounter that has people raving and coming back year after year!
I stepped up to the plate and knocked one out of the park! White Tipped Reef Sharks, dozens, no, thousands of colorful schools of fish surrounded us throughout our jaunt across the underwater valley that is Nautilus Reef!
The pristine 120 foot plus visibility that only rolls around maybe 50 out of the 365 day dive year were taken advantage of!
The octopus encounter being the highlight of the trip speaks for itself!
Check out the free underwater photos I took that we post to Facebook!
Mahalo to Eric, Michelle and Happy Birthday Monica for a great day of Hawaii Scuba diving with us!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark