Oahu Scuba 1-07-2015 1:30 pm

Oahu Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Oahu Scuba
Oahu Scuba

Aloha and welcome back to our Rainbow Scuba daily blog!
I hope the new year is treating everyone with the same kindness that we’ve been getting from our happy customers.
Wow, it’s been a great week of first time Oahu Scuba divers and students taking part in the Discover Scuba and Open Water certification classes!
Today was a mix of the two. It’s only possible because we carry a professional staff of instructors and crew who can accommodate your every need!
Joining us for the discover scuba dive section of the charter this afternoon were Catherine from London, England and Christine from Arcadia, California! Joining them for her final Open Water Dives was Mary who got hooked after her first Discover Scuba dive 3 days ago and signed right up for the private instruction option class.
Everyone showed up early, which I appreciate, and we sized the gear, suited them accordingly and briefed everyone on the safety and procedures that they would be encountering in the next 3 hours!
When everyone was confident we undocked from the pier at Kewalo Basin Harbor and made way to Nautilus Reef for our first of two scuba dives for the afternoon!
As we entered I noticed that the visibility and conditions were of epic proportions!
I could see clearly to the ocean floor 40 feet below and an easy 100 feet horizontally as I scanned along the bottom. We did our practice skills earlier in the shallow water and were very soon diving toward the Sharks Den that is home to the 3 White Tipped Reef Sharks at Nautilus. Lots of clear pictures to take!
Combing along we dived with the endemic marine life that inhabit this Oahu Scuba site. Muu, Mamo and We’ke are just some of the local color of fish that frequent this great dive venue. Lots of octopus too, if you know how to find them! Giant shells that make for great picture opportunities and Eels of all sorts as well.
Our 35 minutes of play in this crystal clear ocean went too fast!
Don’t worry we still had one more dive to complete before it was over.
Captain Mark sped us over to famous Horseshoe Reef while I changed out the tanks and Christine and Cat warmed up for the second dive. Mary was busy prepping her own gear for her final certification dive and the last step before her written exam!
As Ken and I guided our different teams in opposite directions I chose to head toward the east ridge in the hopes of seeing sharks and turtles for the Free Underwater photos that make us a must do attraction when Oahu Scuba diving in Hawaii.
Sure enough there were Green Sea Turtles and a bunch of sharks for our viewing pleasure!
We stretched the dive to 40 minutes at 40 feet in the 100 plus foot visibility and ended our dive with a 5 minute octopus encounter that amazed the two new divers!
Aloha and Mahalo to everyone this afternoon! Enjoy the free underwater photos on Facebook!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark