Hawaii Scuba 1-6-2015 1:30 pm

Hawaii Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Hawaii Scuba
Hawaii Scuba

Aloha and Konichiwa from a sunny afternoon in beautiful Hawaii!
Today’s scuba tour with Rainbow Scuba had a Japanese flair to it.
This was made so do to our wonderful guests from Tokyo!
Masa Fujiwara with his great son and daughter Kota and Miho, along with Open Water student Mary met up at Kewalo Basin Harbor for an afternoon of Hawaii Scuba diving fun and certification!
You might be saying how does that work? Let me tell you!
At Rainbow Scuba Hawaii we have a very flexible schedule and hard working instructors who can provide a dive charter that fits your needs. Regardless of your skill level we can group together different divers onto one charter, two or even offer you a private exclusive experience that you’ll never forget!
Our interactive website, online booking and private dive boat are just a few ancillary reasons for the accommodating reservations process.
Anyway back to the scuba action on this winter dive of this New Years first week.
Masa was already a certified open water diver, but his son Kota and daughter Miho had never tried it before. Now we usually accept English speaking customers only, but my scant mastery of the Japanese language coupled with Masa-san’s excellent understand of English made this an easy day. Even Mary, who had just done the Discover Scuba dive the day before spoke Japanese so there was a great camaraderie and communication as we all dived together at Horseshoe Reef.
It was a short boat trip to the Hawaii Scuba dive site that offers five different dive plans to suit your needs!
We all took the plunge into the tepid 74 degree ocean ready to get a picture and head east to see some sharks.
During the 40 foot dive for 35 minutes we saw the small pair of White Tipped Reef Sharks that sat still for our viewing and picture taking pleasure.
Surrounded by schools of colorful tropical fish and other marine life we meandered along at a leisurely pace. All the things we saw were new and exciting for Masa and Kota as it was their first dive in our island paradise.
Great 65 foot visibility on the second dive toward the turtle cove while Ken took Mary the opposite direction for her certification was even better. During the 45 minutes I got great Hawaii Scuba pictures of the Fujiwara family diving with turtles, sharks, eels and even an octopus encounter to end the fantastic afternoon!
Mary will be out to finish her open water certification tomorrow, while Masa and family head back to Tokyo this afternoon!
Remember NO Flying for 19 hours after diving!
Enjoy the underwater photos on Facebook which are Always Free and Always Good with Rainbow Scuba!
Mahalo & Aloha to all who joined us!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark!