Honolulu Scuba 1-5-2015 1:30 pm

Honolulu Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Honolulu Scuba
Honolulu Scuba

Aloha to all the divers following us from around the world!
The new year has brought in a fast and early rainstorm, but just as quickly vanquished it from our winter island paradise.
After bidding farewell to our 6 morning scuba divers we at Rainbow Scuba reloaded the Scuba Cat, switched captains and welcomed our group of 5 afternoon Discover Scuba Divers!
The eager faces of the excited guests energized us for an afternoon of great Honolulu Scuba adventure.
Greetings, introductions and salutations were exchanged as we suited everyone up for the pre-dive briefing.
Mary, Alisa and Larry joined Gui and Mike aboard our fast dive boat for a slow and relaxed scuba charter.
Having a whole day of first time Discover Scuba divers gives Ken and myself an ever enjoyable feeling for the job we keep coming back to year after year! Of course I love taking experienced certified divers 100 feet below to the deep shipwreck dives, but there’s a certain fulfillment in introducing scuba diving to the lives of first timers.
We were headed west out of Kewalo Basin Harbor for the 20 minute boat ride on this sunny day to challenge the customers and marine life at Turtle Canyon Reef!
Along the way we continued our safety briefing and soon I was splashing in to hook us up to the mooring that would be our home for the next hour.
Taking their first giant strides of their lives, one after another our guests found out right away that this was all it was advertised to be.
Descending to the sandy bottom below at 30 feet I could see turtles way off in the distance. Before they knew it everyone was posing for pictures with our marine friends. Just figuring out how to kick and breathe underwater is usually what the first dive of two is all about. With this group it was all natural and no time was wasted. The 30 minutes of introductory diving and exploring passed all too quickly and our guests were raving about getting to the next dive site for more fun!
Captain Brian pointed the Cat west and soon had us hovering above Nautilus Reef.
With newly changed full tanks the divers took the plunge into what would be the highlight of their vacation in Honolulu!
Nautilus Reef is a popular dive site for locals and tourist alike and veritably accessible by dive boat alone. As Honolulu Scuba divers it becomes an underwater museum of adventure.
The smooth and slow descent to the outside rides of the reef brought us up close to a large school of silvery and flashy Akule and Mamo that parted for the intrepid group of Rainbow Scubas finest!
As per usual we headed over to the shark viewing territory on the eastern ridge of the site for pictures and wide eyes full of amazement. Popping off pictures that would soon be free souvenirs for the bunch was just the start to a full fledged marine science dive of discovery. I’ve been doing this for decades now, and it never gets old. Watching people blowing bubbles while I take pictures of their giddy faces makes the long day on the sea a dream job!
We zig zagged the valley at 40 feet for 40 minutes while coming across eels, tropical fish and even a humongous helmet conch shell that was crusty and camouflaged on the outside, smooth with gleam on the inside. Colorful Nudibranchs and some really big moray eels were easy to view in the 70 feet of visibility.
We ended up at the line for ascent with the ever popular and crowd pleasing octopus encounter!
The free pictures are proof alone that Rainbow Scuba delivers the goods!
Mahalo to all 11 of our morning and afternoon guests for choosing us as your Honolulu scuba company!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian

Waikiki Scuba 1-05-2015 9:30 am

Waikiki Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Waikiki Scuba
Waikiki Scuba

Aloha and welcome back to the Rainbow Scuba blog!
Today was another double header dive charter day for our small, but popular dive company!
The benefits of having our own private dive boat, professional crew and experienced instructors shows by the amount of smiling faces that leave after a Waikiki Scuba charter every day.
Today was a first time diver’s Discover Scuba delight.
Joining us aboard the Scuba Cat were a visiting family from the Minnesota, The Land of 10,000 lakes!
Jeff and his three kids Jeremy, Christine & David along with local return customer Daniel and his son Devin all met up at Kewalo Basin Harbor for a morning of Waikiki Scuba shallow reef diving and fun underwater!
We geared everyone up, undocked and made way to Turtle Canyon Reef for a first dive of two this morning. The water was glassy and the visibility was epic. After two days of heavy rainstorms and high winds you would think the conditions would have been mediocre, but it was just the opposite!
Splashing down to the seafloor just 30 feet below the boat we were immediately diving with the Giant Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles that are the namesake of the site. Learning to scuba dive in this 80 foot visibility environment makes taking photos and exploring the natural reef just off the shores of famed Waikiki Beach a more than memorable experience for everyone.
In the short, but exciting 35 minutes we all glided along like the turtles, touring the valleys and ridges that make this site a must see!
Not long after unhooking from our mooring Captain Mark had us heading west toward the second dive site for the eager bunch. Horseshoe Reef was calling and we were listening!
I hooked us up to the shallow mooring and one by one the divers made their giant strides into the clear blue Pacific Ocean. We immediately took our obligatory Waikiki Scuba group photo at the anchorage and dived over to the ridge that is home to the baby White Tipped Reef Sharks and Sea Turtles that inhabit the site. To everyone’s surprise, including myself, the place was crawling with sharks and turtles that posed graciously for pictures!
In the 15 years I’ve been visiting this site I can’t remember seeing 5 turtles in one confined area just a short swim from the boat!
More to see was still ahead in the 40 minutes underwater. Half a dozen Moray Eels and thousands of colorful reef fish were passed along the loop dive back to the boat.
While we headed back into the harbor our guest were informed and excited about viewing their free underwater photos that would soon be posted up on our Facebook page for memories that last forever!
Mahalo to all our guests!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark