Waikiki Scuba 1-1-2014 1:30 pm

Waikiki Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Waikiki Scuba
Waikiki Scuba

Aloha and a happy New Year to all scuba divers around the globe.
I hope this message finds you well and wanting to hear and dive in the year 2015!
Yes, as you may have guessed, while every other dive company took the holiday off, Rainbow Scuba was open for business on New Years Day!
That’s because you come first.
This first day of the new year brought us some excited Waikiki Scuba first timers. That means it’s time to Discover Scuba Diving!
Joining us for the adventure were three pairs of great people.
Emily, Nikki, Harry and Mei along with Mikhail and Jilly all had scuba diving on their minds. Of course we at Rainbow were more than happy to oblige!
Boasting the best rates, experienced crew and private boat made the choice clear for all of our customers who used the easy booking online option for the trip today.
Everyone met up early at Kewalo Basin Harbor for the introductions and briefing before we headed out to sea. The sunny conditions above and below the surface made our destination for dive one of two Turtle Canyon Reef!
The trip out was beautiful and the dive even better. As first time Waikiki Scuba divers it’s all about comfort and confidence. Both these were tested and accomplished as we stayed underwater in 70 foot visibility at 34 feet for a long 35 minutes. It was a good day to take some underwater pictures.
The second dive took us all over to Horseshoe Reef to see some even better marine life in better conditions!
Now that everyone was comfortable, kicking and confident after doing the first dive, the second is always easier!
We’ve been doing this for a long time and we know this to be true.
As we took the plunge toward the ridge where the Great White Tipped Reef Sharks dwell, we were more than surprised to find 4 of them waiting to get their pictures taken! Schools of vibrantly colored tropical fish of all sorts accompanied us for entertainment. Even an adolescent Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle hung on the reef for a great photo shoot!
Everyone had a great time Waikiki Scuba diving, including the staff as we pulled back into the harbor.
Remember along with what you take away from the excitement of your day scuba diving with Rainbow, you’ll always have great free pictures to show off as well!
Mahalo again to everyone who spent their afternoon with us!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark