Oahu Scuba 01-30-2015 1:30 pm

Oahu Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Oahu Scuba
Oahu Scuba

Aloha and what another Big day for us at Rainbow Scuba Hawaii on Friday! We got a lot of divers this afternoon taking advantage of the break in the weather as first time Discover Divers Should!
Yeah it’s been pretty off and on with the wind changing directions, sometimes every hour! If we’re underwater were none the wiser, but on the surface it can be a little bumpy.
Since were loaded with first timers it was probably best we waited until the winds died down some.
It was well worth the one day wait.
We had people booking online, calling by phone and even some pulling our phone number off of the big sign on our dive boat! Everyone wanted to scuba dive!
Either way we were full! Just the way we like it with two instructors and a full boat crew . Geared Up, Fuel tanks full and lots of tanks aboard the Scuba Cat we just waited for our customers to start rolling in!
That they did! Like Noah’s arc they all
came in 2 by 2 ready and excited to try Scuba diving on Oahu.
Joining us on this hot and sunny afternoon were a father and daughter team from Australia, Adrian and Ella, meeting up just minutes late were the trio of Jocelyn and Robert, from Philly along with Alaskan native Ryan. Last but not least was a our Soul Certified Scuba Diver Sherri who was making her very first scuba dive after being certified a year ago.
Seeing as all were either first timers or just novices we chose to to brief and practice like it was everyone’s first time. Safety and fun are our main concerns here at Rainbow Scuba Hawaii!
After all introductions were taken care of and everyone had been given their instructions it was time to make way!
Captain Brian headed us out of Kewalo Basin Harbor and into the wide open sea and Horseshoe Reef!
The water was great and the moorings were empty as we headed down to the shallow practice water or 5 feet to be sure mask clearing and the few other skills were mastered. Then we were off to see the Sharks!
It’s just a short dive to the cove where they roam, but after the group picture and swim over we had to turn around and get back! Yeah we had a few HEAVY breathers but some great shark pictures! I just didn’t have the time to wrangle out the huge Octopus I saw for the Encounter that everyone looks forward too.
It’s okay I figured We’d be at Nautilus Reef soon for our second scuba dive and I can always find one there?
Wrong I was. We did have a great time & saw some pretty amazing things, but please take my advice. If it’s your first time or if you’re new to this, please leave your personal cameras on the boat. I promise that I’ll take better pictures and take a lot of worries away from you having fun!
Pleaser remember that both Discover Scuba Dives are less that 40 feet deep and should be last about an average
of 30-40 minutes.
Disposable, GoPro’s and other cameras that you’re not used to using underwater while scuba diving will only get in Your way.
Besides, at Rainbow Scuba Hawaii All The Underwater Photographs we take of your dive adventure is Free of Charge and Always Good!
Posted to our Facebook page for the digital souvenirs that will be yours to last a lifetime!
I hope to see you all again soon and Mahalo for joining us today!
Jeff, Ken & Captain Brian

Honolulu Scuba 01-27-2015 1:30 pm

Honolulu Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Honolulu Scuba
Honolulu Scuba

Aloha and welcome back to Rainbow Scuba’s Daily Dive Blog.
Well our light, but steady Trade winds came back today. Making this Tuesday’s afternoon Discover Honolulu Scuba Diving for first time divers a pleasant experience as always!
The Rainbow crew who battled the flu and shifting winds last week are back in top form. Having had boat loads of certified divers lately it was a treat to take some first time scuba divers out for a charter! We live to teach Discover Scuba Divers how much fun the underwater world can be here in Hawaii.
Tuesday afternoon was no exception.
Joining us from their globe trotting adventures were a couple from New Jersey, Sarah and Sebastian. They met up with the father and son team from Toronto, Canada, Kent and Ethan for a day of scuba diving adventure!
The intrepid first timers all converged at Kewalo Basin Harbor to board our private dive boat, The Scuba Cat!
All arrived early with excitement to get a head start on what was to be an afternoon of new sights and sounds.
Prepared ahead of time we welcomed and introduced ourselves to acquaint the fearless four with the set up gear and the briefing that starts every scuba tour.
They payed close attention and wasted no time practicing the necessary skills for their two scuba dives in the shallow clear Pacific Ocean!
Undocking and heading out if the harbor it was just a short boat ride to the first dive site, Horseshoe Reef. As we moored up to the shallow anchor just 35 feet below, the divers followed me in one after another.
Re-Assuring me that the skills were mastered in shallow water we were soon dropping down the line to see all that the secluded dive site had to offer. Planning to take the usual 70-100 underwater pictures of the group. I snapped one Honolulu Scuba group shot with everyone on the seafloor and we were soon diving east to see the Baby White Tipped Reef Sharks that laze on the bottom under the coves ledge. Creeping in slow as to not spook the graceful creatures I managed some great pics before I helped the divers get up close for a better look!
Not 3 minutes into our 35 minutes into the dive I spotted an Octopus who was more than happy to pose for the photograph we call the Octopus Encounter.
30 minutes and thousands of colorful reef fish later we headed back up the line to climb back aboard the Cat!
Refreshment beverages were passed around as we changed out the tanks and headed to the second dive site, Nautilus Reef.
More and more sharks seem to moving in at Nautilus and we got some really nice pictures. We combed the ridges and valleys of the famed dive site as everyone was now comfortable in the 100 foot visibility just 40 feet below the dive boat. Big shells, different Eels of various sizes and colors greeted us with open mouths! Dozens of Moorish Idols along with Large groups of Uhu(parrot fish) were visible from far away so we dived closer to inspect. Before we knew it the 40 minute excursion winded up at the anchor line and we were soon back aboard The Scuba Cat with stories to tell. Surprising how the size of the sharks grows with every minute that passes!
Everyone was impressed and delighted that they booked they’re trips with Rainbow Scuba. The Trip Advisor reviews say it all. Many, if not all, reveal the highlights as well as the fact that ALL the underwater Honolulu Scuba photographs we take are Free and posted on our Facebook page as souvenirs for you of your memorable, exciting day visiting Hawaii!
Until tomorrow Mahalo and Aloha!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian

Waikiki Scuba 01-25-2015 9:30 am

Waikiki Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Waikiki Scuba
Waikiki Scuba

Aloha to all scuba diving and sports fans around the world!
We at Rainbow Scuba Company Hawaii have a few crew members out with the flu that’s been pummeling lesser diving instructors, but not ours! I’ve managed to stay flu free this season so far. Ken has roughed it out by showing up ready to work even though he’s keeping his distance from our wonderful guests!
We’ve been pretty lucky with the weather playing tricks on all the ocean goers this past week. We’ve also managed to show our Waikiki Scuba customers a great underwater show regardless of where the competition has been headed! I guess this is where the decades of experience and knowledge comes in handy. Rainbow Scuba has always been offering a great time for year round scuba enjoyment so, it’s no wonder why it almost sells itself!
Today was another glorious day out there. We were joined by a great couple from Melbourne, Australia.
Daniel and Marija are both certified open water divers with a couple dozen dives each under there weight belts so I was really hoping to break into their top 3 scuba dives of their early career.
What better way than to introduce them to the deep shipwrecks and shallow reefs of Waikiki?
Our first Waikiki Scuba diving site was my favorite shipwreck, The Sea a Tiger!
Dropping down the line during our steady descent we passed through the usual suspects of tropical fish bundles. Swarming around us as we parted them the Moorish Idols and silver darting Akule gave us the tunnel toward the bow deck of the steel maiden sunken at 100 feet below.
Once we touched down on The Sea Tiger I knew with the 80 feet of visibility and the wreck to ourselves, void of other divers, that the next 19 minutes were going to be a couples diving delight!
Posing with sea turtles to start!and taking pictures of Daniel and Marija in action as they glided in and out of the swim throughs gazing at the brilliant yellow schools of Taape made my job easy. I soon realized 10 minutes in that I just broke into their top 2 dive adventures!
Earlier on shore Marija explained to me that she really wanted to see the famous Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and I knew it was mission accomplished!
We traipsed along for the allotted 18- 20 minutes and got to our safety stop to view some of the unedited photos I took right through me camera screen. The smiles with bright eyes solidified Rainbow Scuba as a their return dive destination!
It’s wasn’t over yet! You wanted turtles?
Well, Marija and Dan you’re getting them. Along with the 3 White a Tipped Reef Sharks to the east of where were moored up at Horseshoe Reef we ran into another 4 Green Sea Turtles, more fish of all types and shining colors. Of course the famous Octopus encounter to round of the 45 minute shallow reef dive at Horseshoe Reef in the pristine 100 foot visibility at 35-45 feet down is a cherry that tops the proverbial ice cream sundae of scuba diving. Mir ensures that it is a quality, safe and fun day of Waikiki Scuba diving with the staff and crew of Rainbow!
On one of the clearest days I’ve ever seen having come to an end we pulled back into Kewalo Basin Harbor. I couldn’t get enough thank you’s! The excitement was electric. It got even better when we informed our guest scuba divers, again that all 90 to 100 underwater photos were Free of charge and would be posted to our Facebook page that evening or the next for their viewing, sharing and bragging for a lifetime to come!
I’m sure we’ll see these two again!
Until then I’ve gotta sign off! Another busy day tomorrow!
Mahalo again to you all!
Jeff and Ken!

Hawaii Scuba 01-24-2015 9:30 am

Hawaii Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Hawaii Scuba
Hawaii Scuba

Aloha from a very sunny Honolulu, Hawaii!
Jeff here for your Hawaii Scuba Daily Dive Blog. This is where I tell you all a little bit of what goes on from day to day in our little, but, popular dive operation!
There are so many dive companies to choose from here in Honolulu, but very few that can provide you with what Rainbow Scuba can. Case in point, today we had a private charter for a father and his daughter who wanted to dive the deep shipwreck and shallow reefs without the worry of being back at a certain time or showing up early for that matter!
So what better way to get this done than to book a Private Hawaii Scuba Diving Charter? A lot of places would charge in upwards of $500 to $600 for this experience and the diving would be an extra fee! Well that’s not the case with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii.
Joining us for a relaxing morning on The Scuba Cat were Marissa McBride and her lucky father Robert or Bob McBride as he asked me to call him.
Marissa had planned this trip to Hawaii for the sole purpose of treating her dad to the Scuba Diving Adventure of his life! So the pressure was on and we were up to the task with supreme confidence. Our years of experience in the scuba diving and hospitality industry here in Hawaii is top notched and our overly fair, quality valued prices unmatchable!
Marissa and Bob are both certified and qualified to do the deep shipwreck scuba dives, but neither has dived in over 2 years since being certified in 2013. Never a problem for our friendly and patient crew!
We geared the two divers up and familiarized them with the rental gear as well talked about the dive to come just to refresh their minds about things Thames haven’t done in over 2 years.
Soon we were cutting through the Pacific Ocean Blue heading to the first dive site, The Sea Tiger!
With a little apprehension Bob followed Marissa as they both took their giant strides toward the first Hawaii Scuba dive of the day.
As we dropped down to the the shipwreck’s deck we passed thousands of colorful fish that were bunched in thick schools. Green Sea Turtles and the 6 foot WitheTipped Reef Shark glided in a figure eight down at the sandy bottom 120 feet below the surface. A lone baby Spotted Eagle Ray flew over the top and I gave chase in an attempt to snap a photo or two. Lots of sea life with lots of underwater photos passed the 20 minutes in this 60 feet of visibility scuba dive!
As we climbed back aboard the dive boat it seemed that all the anxiety had been replaced with excitement to get on with the day. I said we’d be right back in it soon, but they should take their time and enjoy the privacy of the surface interval on their private charter!
As we got on to Horseshoe Reef for our last dive of the day the descent and 45 minute dive went along just as planned. Smooth and slow like we discussed before entering.
More sharks, sea turtles and an a rare Cormersons a Frog Fish were the highlights of this second shallow reef dive!
I know via their overly generous gratuity and countless handshakes that the wonderful Father & Daughter duo had a great day with a rainbow Scuba!
Don’t forget that all your Underwater Hawaii Scuba Photos are Always Free and Always Good on our Facebook page!
Mahalo Again until tomorrow!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Briam

Oahu Scuba 01-23-2015 9:30am

Oahu Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Oahu Scuba
Oahu Scuba

Aloha and welcome back to Rainbow Scuba’s Daly Blog. I hope this finds you happy and well.
Locally we’ve still been dealing with south winds that are blowing in crazy directions, but underwater remains more than adequate for good scuba diving!
A lot can be said for having a group of certified Oahu Scuba divers all together wanting to do a deep shipwreck dive. Some question their skill level and experience. Some wonder about if they can keep up with divers who have more dives under their belts. Then, there are some who couldn’t care less and just want to get down there and enjoy blowing bubbles! My long winded point is, at Rainbow Scuba we urge people of mixed skill levels to join in, make new friends and maybe learn a thing or two from each other. Such was the case on Friday morning.
We had a large group – by our standards. We’re advocates of keeping groups small and intimate. This allows us to give you the attention you deserve. Smaller groups also help to make your scuba dive pleasurable and safe.
This morning joining us were a mixed skill level group of 5 certified open water divers. Returning customer Margie has been out with us on several occasions and is familiar with how we do things, but this was her first time down to the deep shipwreck. Coletin and Emily are seasoned divers, but new to Oahu Scuba diving. Adrian and Karolina were here from Australia for their first scuba dives after getting certified 2 years ago!
The whole group wandered in to Kewalo Basin Harbor at 9:20. All eager to get on the way to The Sea Tiger. Having set up the gear prior to arrival we distributed weights, masks, fins while acquainting them with the crew and safety procedures aboard The Scuba Cat. Soon we were off to sea making way to the sunken shipwreck, The Sea Tiger, just a mile off shore!
The current was minor, but existed, and the visibility was about 40 feet. We all made our descent down the line and touched down on her deck at 90 feet below just a few minutes after dumping the air out of our BCD’s.
We were fortunate to be greeted by a huge Green Sea Turtle who was more than happy to get in on the initial group photo that starts all of the dives that we guide. The next 18 minutes were a relaxing tour in and around the ship. Swim throughs with Moray Eels tucked in corners, and thousands of tropical, multi-colored endemic fish shielded us from the glittering light of the surface 100 feet above. Not a bad way to start the day!
A quick 3 minute safety stop and we were all back aboard The Cat hydrating and gabbing about the dive. I took this surface interval time to change everyone’s tanks over while adjusting some weights and soon we we’re off towards our second dive site, Nautilus Reef!
As I always say Nautilus Reef is one of my favorites! It’s shallow depths and ridges and valleys filled with marine life never disappoints. White Tipped Reef Sharks to the East had everyone’s cameras flashing, Moray Eels and swarming schools of fish gave us the sensation of being in The Waikiki Aquarium Reef Tank. We saw some pretty rare monster sized shells with their inhabitants still inside! The Tritons Trumpet and Giant Conch Helmet are both great for taking photos with but not so much for the collector or jewelry maker!
The famous octopus encounter rounded up the 40 minute adventure at 34 feet and everyone was definitely satisfied!
You can enjoy all the Free Underwater Oahu Scuba Photos that we post on our company Facebook page!
Mahalo again to all our new friends!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Brian