Hawaii Scuba 12-27-2014 1:30 pm

Hawaii Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Hawaii Scuba
Hawaii Scuba

Aloha again to all scuba divers!
Yes it was turning out to be a beautiful southerly wind, but sunny day at sea for the crew of Rainbow Scuba Company Hawaii. We just finished our first morning dive charter of the day with our first time scuba divers. The Discover Scuba went well, but now it was time to take on the certified scuba divers for some deep shipwreck and shallow reef dives!
Having booked and reserved their spot online from our user friendly and extremely interactive website these savvy seasoned scuba enthusiasts chose a private charter. I mean seriously, if you going to do it, do it right! Especially since this trio of brothers with their mother were going to dive yet again later that night with us!
Bonnie along with her two sons Jim and Mike converged on Kewalo Basin Harbor early to be ready for a meet and greet before we headed out to sea once again. On that note, we really appreciate everyone being on time or early as we can be very busy and hate to rush anyone’s scuba dives since you’re paying hard earned money to enjoy a day underwater with us!
I could tell that this family was serious about getting right to it as they had there own masks, boots and fins in hand! They made an immediate point of getting acquainted with our excellently maintained rental gear and after a short briefing we were making way to our deep shipwreck dive site The Sea Tiger!
We all took our giant strides and descended slowly and steadily to the deck of the steel monster 100 feet below to begin our journey of exploration for the 20 minutes that the dive tables allow.
Wanting to enter every compartment Mike and Jim were quick to leave me alone with their mother and wait for them to catch up as we all must dive together for your safety and mine!
I guess they were curious as they hoped to aquatint themselves with the wreck in the day before we headed back out in the darkness of light. Not a bad idea to tell the truth!
With so much to see and limited time at depth we progressed nicely along the deck. Taking pictures and navigating the swim throughs before I dropped down to 120 feet to catch a few pics of the 6 foot White Tipped Reef Shark laying on the sandy bottom.
Posing for pictures with the giant Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and watching Bonnie point out the massive schools of Moorish Idols that comb the deck was a sight to see.
Of course the obligatory Octopus Encounter with lots of pictures is always a crowd pleaser!
After we took our surface interval and handed out our complimentary beverages, we were soon off to Horseshoe Reef for a long 45 minute dive at 40 feet!
More schools of fish, a pair of sharks and a lot of macro type diving was happening as we meandered at a leisurely pace.
Cleaner Shrimp, dozens of Eels including 3 Snowflake Morays of different ages all presented themselves for photo opportunities!
I managed to find Nudibranchs and another octopus for great pictures before we headed toward the Scuba Cat to brag about who’s photos came out better. Of course I win!
Seriously though today everyone wins because Every Underwater Photo I take on all our dives are yours to keep as a great souvenir of your day of scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba!
Aloha to Bonnie for joining us.
We’ll take good care of your boys that you’re leaving with us for the exhilarating night dive that’s happening right after they run across the street for dinner!
Mahalo for reading!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark

Honolulu Scuba 12-27-2014 9:30 am

Honolulu Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Honolulu Scuba
Honolulu Scuba

Aloha to all our loyal followers!
What a busy day at Rainbow Scuba Hawaii. The holiday crowd is still among us here in Hawaii and the apparently all want to go scuba diving!
A pretty large, well, full boat of first time divers had their eyes and hearts set on trying to Discover Scuba!
Meeting us down at Kewalo Basin Harbor were 3 pairs of new friends.
Yingbo and his mother Yin, Chetan and his girl Shree along with tiny but energetic pair Yin and Tasha all made their way to The Scuba Cat to get geared up, briefed and brave the warm waters of The Pacific Ocean blue.
We lead the intrepid 1st timers through the normal safety explanation, practiced all the skills and made way for Nautilus Reef.
Reviewing the skills and practicing them yet again in shallow water ensured us that it was time for those who were ready to take the plunge into the 37 foot blue seas off of beautiful Ala Moana Beach!
The first site is a great place to see a multitude of marine life. Nothing gets the wonderment and expectations rolling like an up close and personal look at a trio of White Tipped Reef Sharks! Many pictures were snapped as I held them I place while watching the diver’s eyes grow in amazement!
Of course a big octopus was involved in the dive, which is always the highlight of the dive.
Seeing as it was so calm and such a big dive site we headed toward the other side of the Nautilus Reef for the second dive. It’s here that Chetan showed off that he was a natural. We stayed at about 40 feet, but he managed to dive 40 minutes with air to spare! Lots of Moray Eels of different types, thousands of Mamo, Goat fish and colorful piles of Wrass ate right out of our hands!
Everyone one on the boat enjoyed the warm sunny morning weather. This was a great way to start a 3 charter day and night for the customers and crew of Rainbow Scuba!
I know that We’ll be seeing some of these people again hopefully for a certification class!
Back to the harbor we go to get ready for the afternoon charter and what adventures it would bring!
Mahalo to all 6 of our guest. Please enjoy the complimentary underwater photos we post on Facebook!
Remember ALL Your pictures are Always Free and Always Good with Rainbow Scuba!
Jeff & Ken