Oahu Scuba 12-18-2014 2:00 pm

Oahu scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Aloha to all of our faithful blog followers!
Sometimes our days off turn into great diving days, with just one phone call. Such was the case late today. While the crew & staff of Rainbow Scuba Hawaii had an administrative day planned. During the middle of the afternoon, when all the dive shops and companies were closing for the day, a call came in from a Toronto couple who were searching for a scuba company that could make it happen. We’re Glad they called Rainbow Scuba!
Willing to accommodate this Private and exclusive charter for his girl, certified open water diver Stephanie. Alan worked out a great price deal for her to go diving with a personal valet underwater. She opted for two reef dives and of course we were happy to comply!
The two soon arrived at Kewalo Basin Harbor home of the speedy and utilitarian dive boat The Scuba Cat. Stephanie was geared up and soon we were making way towards Horseshoe a reef to Visit the Sharks! This 40 foot average depth started with an octopus encounter and progressed into a White Tipped Reef Shark siting! As were meandered along the sea floor I took video with Alan’s GoPro camera while still managing the still shots from mine. It was a little overwhelming, but I managed both tasks while enjoying the the exploration of the Reef. During 35 minutes and after diving with sharks, colorful schools of fish, We soon realized this was Stephanie’s first octopus encounter. Before this first dive was over we stopped to feed a frenzy of fish by hand! This blew her mind and gave me time to get so more free underwater pictures.
After a change of tanks, a complementary refreshment and
re-hydration we geared up to explore around Horseshoe Reef before heading to Kewalo Pipe reef!
It’s a good thing we took it slow because we stumbled along some surprisingly exotic reef fish. We were just gliding along the reef towards the Pipe passing the spectacular marine topography. Then all of a sudden there she was. The most beautiful and large Dragon Moray Eel I’ve ever seen in my 38 years of scuba diving. You’re on the right track if you think I scrambled for the cameras and took some pictures!
We finished the 45 minute dive ending with a 3 minute safety stop before again boarding the boat.
Here at Rainbow Scuba there many reasons to book a reservation with us. Easy online reservations, the possibility of a exclusively private boat, flexible scheduling & of course free underwater photographs posted to Facebook for your souvenir of a day scuba diving with a crew that knows about customer service.
I really enjoyed the surprise charter today and must thank Alan and Stephanie!
Mahalo and Aloha to all!
Jeff, Ken & Captain Brian