Hawaii Scuba 12-13-2014 1:30 pm

Aloha to all scuba divers!
We’re squeezing in another dive charter before tomorrow’s Honolulu Marathon here on Oahu.
As thousands of runners occupy the streets there are others who choose the sea.
Flying in from Portland, Oregon a few days ago left our friendly travelers with time to experience one of the finest ocean activities that our island state has to offer. Discover scuba diving for the first time divers sounded good to Aaron and Andrew. It’s also one of our specialties! As they perused the internet for reviews on scuba diving they came across one of our many excellent accounts of a great day of fun underwater left by a recent traveller.
Without hesitation they navigated to the Rainbow Scuba website and gave us a call. Before you know it we had their reservations on the books.
We met up with Aaron and Andrew at the Harbor where our dive boat was ready to go.
We always begin with a detailed briefing that covers all you need to know about what to expect for the next few hours and the adventure you’ll be embarking on. You will always have the opportunity to make the informed decision with Rainbow.
As expected we got the okay from our two guests and off to the dive site it was!
The shallows of Kewalo Pipe a Reef were perfect for a first dive. The conditions were ripe for the picking. 80 feet of visibility just minutes away made this an easy decision. Having a private boat also makes the choice of venues worry free for our customers peak enjoyment.
As Ken reviewed the necessary skills and procedures I secured us to the mooring and got a close look at the underwater terrain that we’d be traversing soon. Shortly after everyone entered the pacific blue sea we made another decent to 32 feet for the 30 minute dive amongst the reef. Eels of all sorts combing the nooks and crannies, endless groups of tiny colorful tropical fish surrounded us as I guided the group on their first of two scuba dives. It was great!
Having done one discover scuba dive logged in their books encouraged us to make the second dive at Horseshoe Reef!
Captain Mark motored The Scuba Cat into position and the now experienced divers took to the sea once more.
Horseshoe Reef was a great opportunity for us to get great underwater photos of the four White Tipped Reef Sharks and Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles that frequent the site. Getting within a few feet of these marine creatures is always exciting!
The free pictures that we post on Facebook that evening cement the trip as a successful day spent with our professional and courteous staff.
We ended the tour by feeding dozens of reef fish below the boat as our way of saying Mahalo to the sea for another day.
Aloha to all who dived! We like when you say that this was the highlight of your visit to our underwater paradise.
Jeff, Ken & Captain Mark