Hawaii Scuba 12-12-2014 9:30 am

Aloha to scuba divers from across the world!
It’s that time of the year when the world gathers to our great city for two amazing things. The famous Honolulu Marathon and great warm water winter scuba diving!
Believe it or not the two actually go together. Every year at this time we at Rainbow Scuba bear witness to athletes who have travelled from all parts of the globe to run the grueling 26.2 mile race. We are also accustomed to a handful of extreme fitness enthusiasts who choose to stretch out days before and after the marathon by showing off their scuba diving skills!
Ken, Mark and myself won’t be running the marathon this year because we hate to show off our athletic prowess!
Such is not the case with today’s certified scuba diver Angela along with her trainer and cheering coach Zachary. These two nice folks travelled from Rancho Cucamonga California to partake in the race and do some deep shipwreck scuba diving.
Although the couple hadn’t dived in awhile they are more than qualified to brave the massive behemoth we call The Sea Tiger!
As they arrived at Kewalo Basin Marina, home base for The Scuba Cat, I was acquainted with Angie and Zach. We soon geared up, briefed and made way to the Pacific Ocean blue waters off famed Waikiki Beach!
Angie related to me repeatedly that she wanted to see sharks, turtles and anything else we could. Zach took advantage of our underwater camera rental when he booked the scuba diving tour online via our easy to use website. Take your own pictures and let us take dozens of free ones as well is what we say!
Upon descent to the sunken hulk of steel and sea life 100 feet below the surface, visibility was easily 90 feet!
Glassy conditions on the surface and pristine clarity below made this 24 minute excursion not only enjoyable, but easy.
Ken joined along with the three of us to shoot a little video and to maneuver the 6 foot White Tipped Reef Shark that sometimes combs the bottom near the shipwreck’s keel towards us for a photo op! Thank you for that sir.
The deck of the Sea Tiger was teaming with great numbers of marine life. Giant Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, different types of Moray Eels and schools of vibrant colored tropical fish.
As I was ascending back aboard the dive boat after assisting our guests to climb the ladder to their bench seats I could already hear the excitement in Angie’s voice. She raved on about the dive. I was pleased as usual to listen to the recap of a dive I’ll never get tired of even after 3000 trips to her!
While refreshments were passed out and the tanks were changed during the surface interval Captain Mark sailed us over to Nautilus Reef. It’s a perfect dive site for more up close views of sharks and of course the obligatory octopus encounter.
As our flexible schedule and private boat allows, we usually never see groups of divers from the other crowded and rushed dive companies. This was the case today. Scuba diving with Rainbow is by far the way to enjoy your vacation undersea!
The 43 minutes roving around the ridges and valleys of Nautilus’ 35 foot average depth gave us a great finale’ to a perfect day!
The free underwater photo album posted on Facebook is proof of the fun and a great souvenir to brag about for years to come!
Aloha and mahalo to you all for allowing us to guide you along the way! Good luck to you during the 26 mile race Angie!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark

Honolulu Scuba 12-11-2014 1:30 pm

Aloha scuba diving fans!
After a short stint in dry dock the Scuba Cat and Rainbow Scuba are back in action. Looking good and feeling even better!
This winter season promises to bring wonderful scuba diving conditions on the south shore of Oahu. While the giant waves pound the north and west sides of the island our premier dive sites should be perfect for scuba divers escaping the cold snow of the upper 49 states.
Such was the case today. As 20-25 foot surf hammered the north shore the southeast was flat as a pancake. I’m sure our customers appreciated the conditions as well as the service!
Joining us today we’re open water certified scuba divers Chris and Brian.
These two courageous dive enthusiasts had never done a deep shipwreck dive and we’re excited to challenge the Sea Tiger. The afternoon private charter provided the 100 foot average depth dive the best 20 minutes that these two gentlemen have ever had. During the surface interval Chris mentioned that his video he had taken of the dive was great. Brian exclaimed that the free pictures that we provide are a really nice touch to the perfect dive. Along the tour of the 185 foot wreck we posed with a giant Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle and dived passed hundreds of colorful fish. The highlight of the dive was apparently the octopus encounter. Neither had ever been up close and personal with our eight legged underwater friends before today. The pictures of this great experience are proof that Rainbow Scuba is your way to enjoy your vacation here in Honolulu.
It’s just too easy with online booking, a private boat and great customer service provided by our experienced staff. The Free underwater photographs are always a great way to remember the adventures too!
Our dive day was only half over as we made way over to Horseshoe Reef to see some sharks!
With fresh full tanks we descended the line to the sea floor to begin our 40 minutes of exploration of the average 38 foot deep exotic reef. Relaxed and refreshed from the shipwreck dive the second shallow dive is usually a breeze. I guided them over to where the resident White Tipped Reef Sharks roam the ridge just east of the dive boat mooring. To our surprise there were 4 sharks and another sea turtle awaiting us. Dozens more pictures were snapped off while we traversed the site looking in and in between the crags and holes along the reef.
Please do yourselves a favor when you’re thinking about the high point of your stay in Hawaii. Visit our great interactive website and reserve your spot with us for the time of your life.
Whether you’re a certified scuba diver or someone who has never dived and has always wanted to try it, Rainbow has the perfect package for you!
Don’t forget that we help with great discounted transportation from the Waikiki hotel area.
Take advantage of our free underwater pictures of your dives that we post on Facebook!
Until tomorrow’s great day at sea I’ll say Mahalo and Aloha to you!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark