Waikiki Scuba 11-24-2014 9:30am

Waikiki Scuba diving with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii

Waikiki  scuba diving
Waikiki scuba diving

Aloha to all scuba divers,
One of the best parts of my job as a guide for Rainbow Scuba Company Hawaii is meeting new people.
Today was no exception.
Joining us from Orange County, California were newly certified ocean enthusiasts Nancy and Vince. Also aboard was our new friend and experienced open water certified scuba diver Veronica.
This was Nancy and Vince’s first deep shipwreck dive, but globetrotting Veronica’s double digit wreck dive.
Thus, proving the point that our company’s commitment to customer service is alive and kicking!
Everyone showed up early and on time to Kewalo Basin Harbor. All of our customers were fitted and familiarized with their diving gear during the pre-dive briefing.
Then, we pointed The Scuba Cat out to sea with our destination being The Sea Tiger!
Although the skies weren’t extremely sunny the visibility of the ocean was fantastic. We moored up to the massive shipwreck to start our morning adventure into the pacific blue ocean off of Waikiki. Descending along the line to the 90 foot depth was steady and amazingly clear. We dived our allotted 20 minutes with a 3 minute safety stop. On the surface during our long interval everyone was chatting about the giant green sea turtles, schools of Moorish Idols and humongous octopus that we encountered during our exploration of the shipwreck. Even with the difference in experience and skill levels the premier deep dive was a breeze giving dozens of photo opportunities!
Of course, as usual, all the underwater photographs are included in your dive package and posted for free on Facebook!
We soon shot over to Nautilus Reef for our second shallower scuba dive. The visibility was close to 90 feet! Making our 40 foot average depth and 40 minute bottom time relaxed and enjoyable to all. Coming across the resident white tipped reef sharks, moray eels and octopus gave everyone plenty of time to appreciate the solitude of diving a site free of others people. This benefit of owning the dive site to ourselves is no accident. Rainbow Scuba’s flexible schedule and easy online booking makes every dive tour virtually a private charter!
So do yourselves a favor when visiting our beautiful island. Call ahead or visit our website to reserve your memorable scuba diving experience.
Mahalo to everyone that chose us to guide you in the place we call home!
Until tomorrow’s epic adventure,
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark