Honolulu Scuba 11-20-2014 1:30pm

Scuba dive Hawaii

Scuba dive Hawaii
Scuba dive Hawaii

Aloha to all scuba diving fans,
Today’s great weather and private scuba dive Hawaii tour was great. Our certified scuba divers visiting from Ogden, Utah were a father and son buddy team. Tony and his recently certified son, Nick, chose Rainbow Scuba Company for a few obvious reasons. Our flexible schedule, personalized service and private dive boat were just the beginning. Tony was interested in diving a shipwreck and a shallower reef charter. We specialize in this as well as many other service oriented perks for our guests. Tony took advantage of our online booking process for easy and guaranteed reservations.We all headed out to sea at a leisurely pace. Gear set up, briefing and the Scuba Cat ready to scuba dive Hawaii¬†before they arrived impressed these two dauntless visitors from the Beehive State.

The first dive site destination was deep shipwreck the Sea Tiger. Sitting at 120 feet the hulk of a ship wasn’t visible from the surface, but certainly amply visible as we descended the line at 50 feet. Once we touched down on her bow we took some pictures and began the exploration that so many crave.The Hawaii shipwreck is a deep dive, but easily navigated underwater with an experienced dive guide.¬†A little apprehension was overcome as we traversed her deck. The 20 minute bottom time at the average 98 foot depth scuba dive Hawaii was an adventure I’m sure Tony and Nick will soon not forget. Teaming with four different species of moray eels, schools if colorful tropical fish, giant Hawaiian green sea turtles and even a 6 foot white tipped reef shark made this a fantastic start to an underwater wonderland! The three minute safety stop followed by a nice long surface interval gave us all time to talk about the dive.

We untied and motored over to Horseshoe Reef for the second scuba dive of the day. 40 minutes at an average of forty feet or so gave us plenty of time to complete the circuit. Smaller sharks and thousands of Hawaii fish added to the serenity of a private charter. Relaxed and paced by slow even breathing made for underwater photos to be taken with ease.

So many reasons lead me to believe that this father and son team will be diving with us again soon! They also said they would. Why shouldn’t they? Rainbow Scuba’s easy online booking, private boat dives, experienced Hawaii scuba dive guides and free underwater photos makes choosing us a no brainer! That’s right our staff posts your underwater pictures on Facebook daily. They’re always free and always good. Check out our user friendly, interactive website for your next or first scuba dive Hawaii adventure.
From the sunny south shores off of famed Waikiki Beach mahalo!
Jeff, Ken and Captain Mark