Hawaii Scuba 11-17-2014 9:30am

Honolulu Hawaii scuba diving

Hawaii scuba diving
Hawaii scuba diving

Today’s Honolulu scuba diving tour was in perfect conditions. Very light trade winds, calm seas and crystal clear water, 100 foot visibility!  They say 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but I can say 4 Wong’s Do! Joining us today for two shallow scuba dives were the Wong’s, Johanna, Alisha, Stacie and Rachel!  All dived like pros and had a great time Hawaii scuba diving.
We took close to 100 underwater scuba diving pictures during the 2 dives sites, Turtle Canyon Reef and Nautilus Reef. Both scuba dive sites were around 40′ in depth  for about 45 minutes. All of the underwater Hawaii scuba diving photographs are already posted on Facebook! As usual when you choose Rainbow Scuba Hawaii all your pictures are always free and always good!
Mahalo ladies for a great day of discover scuba diving in Honolulu, Hawaii!
Aloha until tomorrow,
Jeff, Ken & Captain Mark