Scuba Honolulu 11-09-2014 1:30pm

Scuba diving Honolulu Hawaii

scuba diving Honolulu
scuba diving Honolulu

Aloha Sports & Scuba Fans!
Yesterday was an epic day scuba diving Honolulu with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii!
Joining us today were a bunch of O/W & AOW Certified Divers.
Rocky, Dave, Bret, Richard & Gerald All Headed Out on The “Scuba Cat” for a Deep Shipwreck & Reef Adventure.

Sea Tiger Shipwreck / Nautilus reef Honolulu Hawaii

The “Sea Tiger” was empty – from other divers! – and We Dived the Heck out of her!
The Giant Hawaiian Sea Turtles, Schools of Tropical Fish, Octopus & the White Tipped Reef Shark were all present and accounted for.
We All Dropped Down to 100 feet & did our full 20 minutes seeing all of it.
After the safety stop & surface interval We Shot over to “Nautilus Reef” where the visibility was only about 100 feet!
Close ups with a Massive Octopus & a Meandering Spotted Eagle Ray along with the Sharks & Plethora of Local Teaming Fish that are right out of our hands made this dive sensational!
Check out the pictures & you’ll agree I’m sure.
Of course as usual Every Underwater Photograph We take at Rainbow Scuba Hawaii gets put into an album & uploaded on Facebook for your viewing pleasure!
Always Free & Always Good!
Just another reason why it’s the best way to dive with the Professional & Friendly Staff of Rainbow!
On Behalf if The Crew if like to thank Rocky, Dave, Richard, Gerald & Mr Bret Smith for their generosity!
Mahalo as Well for Choosing Rainbow Scuba Company Hawaii for scuba diving Honolulu!
See You Tomorrow!
Jeff, Ken & Captain Mark!

Honolulu Scuba 11-08-2014 1:30pm

Honolulu scuba diving tour

Honolulu scuba
Honolulu scuba

Aloha Scuba Diving & Sports Fans Too!
In Hawaii Everyday is a Saturday for Our Guests & a Monday for us Diving Instructors. We Love it so much that we usually don’t know what day it is!
Today was almost an exception as we had Great Guests, but it was a Big College Football Saturday(Which at our company only matters to me!)
Nevertheless it was the only reason I knew it was a Saturday!
Joining us on our Weekend Scuba Adventure were Our O/W certified Divers Ed & Marie visiting from Florida. Along for her 1st Time “Discover Scuba” Experience was the lovely Tiffany from Nevada.
It may seem unusual to have a mixed group like this, but with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii’s “Flex-Friendly” schedule it Always works as we keep the groups intimate & have separate Diving instructors to accommodate any skill level of guests!
While I Dived “The Sea Tiger” Deep Shipwreck with Ed & Marie — where we saw all sorts of tropical marine life — including Giant Green Sea Turtles, Schools of Moorish Idols, Taape’ & Goatfish. Add to that list a pair of Spotted Eagle Rays, a 6 Foot White Tipped Reef Shark, a Baby Octopus, 7 Assorted Eels, a Leaf Scorpion Fish & You’ve got Yourself one wicked good scuba dive!
As the 3 of us Who dived the Shipwreck took our surface interval swimming & snorkeling at “Nautilus Reef” Ken & Tiffany did their “Discover Scuba Dive!” You see where I’m headed with this?
Our Diving Adventure Ended with a Great Dive at “Horseshoe Reef” where we all got to dive together for a while before Ed, Marie & I headed to deeper water. While as a group during the shallow portion of the dive we had our “Group Octopus Encounter” took group photos with Turtles & Baby Sharks.
Everyone Got their “Customer Service” & “Economically Unbeatable” enthusiastic scuba dives… While enjoying the “No Rush — No Pressure” Comfort of our personalized private chartered Dive Boat!
Of Course as per usual All Our Guest’s Underwater Photographs are Always FREE & Always GOOD!
So Ended My Saturday out Scuba Diving in Hawaii!
BTW I made it home to see the last 5 minutes of my Alma Mater “TheOhio State” Buckeyes Beating Sparty of Michigan State! Making Today a Win Win Day!
Mahalo Again until next time…
Jeff, Ken & Captain Mark!
Your Rainbow Scuba Hawaii Crew!