Hawaii Scuba 11-06-2014 1:30pm

Aloha Scuba Fans!
This Afternoon Steven Wu decided that while here for a “Work Conference” that He’d give Scuba Diving a try!
Rainbow Scuba was happy to oblige with Our “Discover Scuba” for 1st time divers!
He soon conquered his fear and in no time at all was “Down Among Em!”
Nautilus Reef had so much to offer!
4 different “Octopus Encounters!” As well as 2 Baby “White Tipped Reef Sharks!”
We saw dozens of Tropical Hawaiian Reef Fish Schools including a white Leaf Scorpion & Devil Scorpion Fish. Eels galore and lots of Underwater Dive Pictures to prove it!
I think he had a great time — as he mentioned that “I can see how this is easy to get hooked on!”
Mahalo Steven, for choosing “Rainbow Scuba Company Hawaii” for your 1st but not last Scuba Diving Adventure!
Remember at Rainbow Scuba as usual All You Underwater Photos are Always Free & Always Good!
On behalf of our whole crew we thank you again!
Aloha until tomorrow!
Jeff, Ken & Captain Mark!


Hawaii Scuba 11-06-2014 9:30am

This Morning James & Bonita joined us on a Deep Shipwreck Scuba Adventure!
“The Sea Tiger” was All Ours for the Dive!
Big Shark, Big Green Sea Turtles & Baby Octopus!
Then Off to The Shallow Reef!
Teaming with Tropical Fish & More Turtles & Octopus!
Yeah there were Two Baby White Tipped Reef Sharks!
Sea Ya Tomorrow!
The Rainbow Scuba Team!
Jeff, Ken & Captain Mark!