Hawaii scuba 10-28-2014 1:30pm

Aloha Scuba Fans!
Today was a great day to head out fora Private Rainbow Scuba Dive Adventure!
Our Destination… “The Sea Tiger” & “Horseshoe Reef!”
As well as a Night Dive Later Tonight!
Joining me today was long time loyal return customer Robert along with Scott & Renee!
All O/W Certified Divers ready to follow me around the Shipwreck & Reef to see what this beautiful day has to offer.
No Disappointments!
“The Sea Tiger” was packed with Schools of Fish, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles & Even a Baby Octopus that we played with!
“Horseshoe Reef” was a wonderful end for these 3 Scuba Diving enthusiasts! A Big Reef Shark, Spotted Eagle Ray & Tropical Reef Fish Eating Out of our Hands wound up the day… We saw no other divers so it was us “Owning” the Ocean!
I got a lot of great dive pictures for you all to keep as a souvenir of your day.
Scott & Renee will be Doing a “Night Dive” in a couple days, so you’ll have to check back to see how they did.
Tonight’s Scuba “Dark” Divers, Kevin, Brad & Mike will be Doing their first night dive! Woo Hoo!
So Busy at Rainbow Scuba Hawaii!
Where — as usual — All Your Underwater Photos are Always Free & Always Good!
Until Next Time…
Jeff, Ken & Captain Mark!

Hawaii Scuba 10-27-2014 1:30pm

Greetings Dive Fans!
We hope your “Back to Work” Monday was as exciting and busy(in a good way) as Rainbow Scuba Hawaii’s was!
This sunny afternoon’s Scuba Dive Charter was an atypical “Mix” of different “types & skill level” ocean lovers.
We at Rainbow usually don’t combine “Certified Divers” with “Discover Scuba Divers & Snorkelers … Today it happened to work out for All!
Rick & Lisa Michel along with their lovely daughter Elena joined up with Amy, Raquel & Karina for an afternoon adventure at sea… Above & Below.
Rick & Lisa being O/W (Open Water) Certified Divers Dropped Down to 100ft to the Awesome Shipwreck “The Sea Tiger!” As usual – with our “Scuba Friendly” schedule of departure we explored the “Beast” unbothered by other scuba companies & other divers. Just the 3 of us “Traipsing” along the mammoth 150 ft sunken hulk!
Giant Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, Loads of Tropical Fish & a Baby Octopus were all ours for the duration.
As we motored over to Turtle Canyon Reef for the 1st “Discover Scuba Dive” for Amy everyone else jumped in for their snorkeling tour! Loads of Sea Turtles and Crystal Clear Water!
To finish off the day the right way Captain Mark shot us over to “Horseshoe Reef” for the final Scuba Dive for everyone.
As I guided us over the reef & across the sea floor to where the “White Tipped Reef Sharks” hang out we passed a school of Grey Snappers & two Monster Parrot Fish(Uhu.)
We took dozens of Dive Pictures and fed the teaming masses of reef fish!
I think Fun was had by All that embarked on this Hawaiian Ocean Adventure.
As Always… With Rainbow Scuba Company Hawaii All the Underwater Photographs are Always Free & Always Good!
Thanks Again for Joining Us & Choosing Rainbow Scuba as Your Hawaii Diving Destination!
Aloha Till Tomorrow!
Ken, Jeff & Captain Mark “The Shark”

Hawaii Scuba 10-26-2014 1:30pm

Aloha Scuba Dive Fans!
The Staff of Rainbow Scuba Company Hawaii hopes this finds you well & happy!
Our afternoon “Discover Scuba Dive”
Charter was a great adventure for these 1st time scuba divers. What better way to experience scuba diving in Hawaii than with Rainbow Scuba?
We headed out to “Nautilus Reef” for a safe & shallow “White Tipped Reef Shark” encounter complete with a “Hands On” Octopus Adventure!
The second “Discover Scuba Dive” took us over to “Horseshoe Reef” where we dived with more “Swarms” of colorful tropical reef fish including a school of Grey Snappers who got curious and scurried around us. Lots of fun & lots of Underwater Photographs to keeps as souvenirs of their experience!
As usual your undersea pictures with Rainbow Scuba are Always Free & Always Good!
You can’t find a Safer, Fun Filled Adventure for your money than with us on our “Private Personal & Professional” Service!
Mahalo again to Aaron & Sarah for Joining Us!
Until Next Time…
Ken, Jeff, Kory & Captain Mark!

Hawaii scuba 10-25-2014 9:30am

Today Rainbow Scuba was joined by two Certified Diver’s Kevin & Brad!
We arrived at the Sea Tiger for the Deep Shipwreck Dive… lots of Hawaii Green Sea Turtles, All Kinds of Morey Eels & of course a plethora of Tropical Fish!
After our 35 Minute surface interval we decided to head over to Turtle Canyon Reef for our Shallow Dive. As expected there were Turtles! Got some great pictures! As well as the obligatory Octopus!
I think a great time was had by all, and I had a great time guiding these two gents!
Hoping to Dive with them again!
Until I see you all again…
Mahalo & Aloha
Jeff Chun
Rainbow Scuba Company Hawaii

Hawaii Scuba 10-24-2014 1:30pm

Aloha from the staff of instructors at Rainbow Scuba Company Hawaii!
Sunday was a great morning to Explore the Great “Deep Shipwreck” just outside of Waikiki we know as…
“The Sea Tiger.”
Joining us this morning were AOW Diver Lee Feng with recently certified OW Divers Ayric & Eun Sook.
The wonderful part of choosing Rainbow Scuba Hawaii is the “Personal Treatment” you receive on what is essentially a “Private Charter!” No “Cattle Car” cramped & crowded dive boat here! We had the Whole Shipwreck to Ourselves! Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, Moray Eels & Spotted Eagle Rays are just some of the sea life we saw.
The second scuba dive at “Horseshoe Reef” was equally fantastic! Loads of tropical fish, more Green Sea Turtles, a rather large White Tipped Reef Shark & the double Octopus Encounter highlighted our guests Scuba Adventure!
As usual ALL underwater photographs we take are Always Free & Always Good! You can’t get a better Scuba Dive Value! The Fun is Unbelievable!
Mahalo Again!
Ken, Jeff & Captain Mark!