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Hawaii scuba 10-28-2014 1:30pm

Honolulu scuba diving

Aloha Scuba Fans! Today was a great day to head out fora Private Rainbow Scuba Dive Adventure! Our Destination… “The Sea Tiger” & “Horseshoe Reef!” As well as a Night Dive Later Tonight! Joining me today was long time loyal

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Hawaii Scuba 10-27-2014 1:30pm

Waikiki scuba diving

Greetings Dive Fans! We hope your “Back to Work” Monday was as exciting and busy(in a good way) as Rainbow Scuba Hawaii’s was! This sunny afternoon’s Scuba Dive Charter was an atypical “Mix” of different “types & skill level” ocean

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Hawaii Scuba 10-26-2014 1:30pm

Hawaii scuba diving

Aloha Scuba Dive Fans! The Staff of Rainbow Scuba Company Hawaii hopes this finds you well & happy! Our afternoon “Discover Scuba Dive” Charter was a great adventure for these 1st time scuba divers. What better way to experience scuba

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Hawaii scuba 10-25-2014 9:30am

Oahu scuba diving

Today Rainbow Scuba was joined by two Certified Diver’s Kevin & Brad! We arrived at the Sea Tiger for the Deep Shipwreck Dive… lots of Hawaii Green Sea Turtles, All Kinds of Morey Eels & of course a plethora of

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Hawaii Scuba 10-24-2014 1:30pm

Aloha from the staff of instructors at Rainbow Scuba Company Hawaii!Sunday was a great morning to Explore the Great “Deep Shipwreck” just outside of Waikiki we know as…“The Sea Tiger.”Joining us this morning were AOW Diver Lee Feng with recently

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