Hawaii scuba 08-23-2014 9:30am

Experience scuba diving in Hawaii

Two great Oahu dive sites this morning, Nautilus reef and horseshoe reef in Honolulu, Hawaii. We drove the boat over to Turtle canyon reef but after a quick check, decided we could find a better dive site. At Nautilus reef the viz was much better around 40′ or so. With a maximum depth of 40′ we dove for around 45 minutes. The resident white tip reef sharks were about along with several species of reef fish. After some hydration we proceeded to do some more scuba diving in Hawaii at Horseshoe reef. The dive site had much better viz  than the other dive sites ,around 50′-60′. On the scuba dive we encountered three white tip reef sharks, three Hawaiian green sea turtles and schools of reef fish for some excellent scuba diving in Hawaii!
scuba diving in hawaii