Hawaii scuba 08-30-2014 9:30am

Great day for Hawaii Scuba diving

Hawaii SCUBA

Our group of Hawaii scuba divers had an awesome time playing with the Hawaiian green sea turtles. Excellent Hawaii scuba dive conditions with 70′ or so of viability underwater. Even with a slight surface current, our Hawaii scuba divers had no trouble doing the easy scuba┬áskills at turtle canyon reef!

Hawaii Scuba 08-27-2014 9:30am

Hawaii scuba diving tours

Hawaii Scuba
Yet again another awesome day for Hawaii scuba diving tours on the island of Oahu. Lots to see today at Turtle canyon reef with Hawaiian green sea turtles, white tip reef sharks and of course Hawaiian Octopus! An excellent time with our first time scuba divers here on vacation in Honolulu Hawaii. The underwater visibility was around 40′ – 50′ ┬átoday with light current. Perfect conditions for Hawaii scuba!

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